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Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Hi Everyone,
What do you use for props in your display at shows?
Do you use anything as a back drop/wall to add height and separate yourself from the person next to you?
Any tips or secrets you can share that have made your displays unique, helped to sell your creations?

I'll go first - (I'm so bored with my dispaly.) I use wooden apple crates. I know, ho-hum. I've seen loads of people use them. They do make things easy. I use mini quilts (which I also sell) to soften things up. I've made garland out of sticks and pine cones to drape here and there ('Back Road Bears' gotta look like they are in the woods.) I always make sure the bears are displayed in such a way that makes it easy for someone to pick one up.

I'd like to start using something to add height and act as that wall between me and the next booth. I do a lot of artisan shows so it's not all bears. Many have high set ups that tower over the bears. I'm also tired of those 8' tables. I do have a 5' tall wood folding shelf unit I use sometimes. Sick of that too! I'd like to create the feeling of having just walked into another world full of furry creatures that bring warmth, comfort and smiles to the child in all of us. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!
Bear Hugs,

dawdlebears Posts: 11

Here in the UK, I have a metal frame from which I hang curtains to separate me from my neighbors. It creates your own little shop-like feeling. The colour and design of the curtains can be used to create the atmosphere you want.

Hugs Dawn

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