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Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

Hi everyone,

I have a customer who wants one of my miniature horses as a keyring.  I plan to sew a loop into his back so a keyring can be attached.  But, what should I use for the loop?  A ribbon?  Will it be strong enough?

Any suggestions would be appreciated bear_original

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,771

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

A jump ring?

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I went to your websight and looked at your horses, they are really nice, and would make a wonderful keychain.  Maybe you could consider stitching a chain of some sort into the top of his back, then to the chain you could attach a round keyring.  It would be very sturdy,  My daughter likes to buy designer coin purses, small one,  they usually have a chain stitched to the side and a key ring attached, they are pretty and sturdy.

StarHawk2003 VallierBears
Posts: 270

I would say some Leather thonging like the picture below would be good. Maybe in a 1 or 2mm size. 


I knew a Lady who wore a necklace on a leather thonging for years. She never took it off even when showering and it didn't deteriorate.

As you say a loop with a Jump ring would work great I think :)



Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

Thanks so much everyone for your advice.  I've been stressing about this a bit as I said I would do it, and then thought afterwards "oh, how am I going to do it??"  I do have some leather cord I think, so maybe that might be an option...I'll see how I go.

buttonbears BUTTONBEARS
Posts: 17

Hi Catherine,

For putting mini bears on a necklace I use this method:
Patch the fabric (where you want the horse attached to the chain) on the inside with a piece of ultrasuede or felt.
I use farbric glue.
Make a small hole with an awl or something like that.
Insert a pin from outside towards the inside (used for jointing miniature bears) and put the cotter inside. The extra layer of felt or ultrausede will prevent the cotter from showing through the fabric.
Curl the iron stems from the pin against the cotter.
This will give you a nice sturdy eye to put the cord through.


Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

Thanks so much Marijke, that is wonderful!!  I would never have thought of doing that.  That sounds like the best way I think, a lot more sturdy than sewing in a loop of some kind.   bear_flower

mingrul Our Blue Iguana
Posts: 233

Marijke thats a great idea :clap:  but i got lost on the last part :redface:  do you have an image so that its easier to visualized? I have an idea but just need to confirm if we are thinking on the same wavelength.. its cotter pin right? not the T-pin type right? :redface:  :redface:  so sorry for asking this..

Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

jumperringdetail.jpgkeyringhorse2.jpgI have finally completed the mini horse!  I used the method of inserting a cotterpin joint into the back, and having just the "eye" of the pin protruding on the outside to which I attached a jumper ring.  To reinforce that area for strength I glued a small square of ultrasuede on the inside of the horse.  It worked really well and was super easy!  Ming, I hope the pictures can give you an idea of how it works.

mingrul Our Blue Iguana
Posts: 233

bear_grin  :redface: yes! Exactly what i was thinking.... hey, the horsey is cute! bear_wub  bear_wub  i love horses and i am a horse! (born on the year of the horse that is bear_original )

thanks for the image... great work! :clap:

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