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Dilu Posts: 8,574

Does this happen to everyone or am I just being wonky?

My little guys heads always seem just a little off kilter....when I stuff them

I thought perhaps that I was favoring one side because of dominant handdedness

so I make an extra special effort not to

So I squish and moosh the head to the shape I want......

But they tell me they are not too happy with the treatment

And I say say watch it buster or you'll be getting a peri orbital lobotomy when I give you eyes

So.......whats the deal it just me?


Eileen Baird'sBears
Posts: 3,873

bear_original bear_sad Dilu,

I was having the same problem with my very first noses. The right side (facing me) looked fine, but the left kept going wonky.

Now I take superextraspecial care with the wonk-prone side, and there's been no further problem.

I definitely think there is handedness involved here, somehow.


kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

Oh I have to work really hard to avoid that too. Sometimes it seems now matter how hard I try thier little head leans. I am sure it is dominant hand sided lean problem. :doh:
Glad I am not the only one, good to see I am in good company, Dilu :lol:


Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

I used to have that problem too. I was attaching the head by making a teeny hole to one side of the seam, as close as possible. Is that what you do? But no matter how close I made the hole to the seam the head always seemed a bit 'off'  :whistle:.'s what I do now. I make darts for 'shoulders' in the body pieces, at the approximate postion where I want the head to go. I sew round the body to this dart, and finish off. I start sewing again on the other side of the dart. This leaves a tiny gap exactly in the seam itself, where I push the head joint through. No more lop-sidedness! Hope this helps  :rose:.

Jellybelly Bears Jellybelly Bears
Posts: 4,066

i don't know Dilu, but I did have the same sort of trouble with my arms.  they would always both turn one way, so one arm was turning in, the other out.
Now I know that it is my stuffing!  Always pressing into one side more than the other!!  and also sewing plays a big part...I always make sure I sew starting from the same part on each for you both sides of the head...does that help at all??  make sure both sides are sewn exactly the same and evenly stitched.  You probably do all of this already, but this fixed my arm problem...but you have a head problem...and now you know how dizzy I am lol...can you tell it is nearly midnight lol
hugs sarah

WildThyme Wild Thyme Originals
Hudson, Ohio
Posts: 3,115

Combine what everyone else has said before me here with this as well.... much of it has to do with the way one holds the head (or arm, or leg) when stuffing....

I think Sarah is right on point with this... if you are holding the "left" arm the same way that you hold your "right" arm when stuffing.... you are likely to end up with two right arms!  If you are shoving all your stuffing in and compacting it all by reaching in on only one side, or you are compressing on just one side because you holding the piece consistently in your fingers in one way, you can easily wind up lopsided. Can it be fixed?  YES! 

When stuffing, I tend to change my grip around a lot on the body part while I am shoving all that polyfil in.  That seems to help.  I also tend to do a whole lot of "head smooshing" when I stuff as well Dilu... just like you... that helps a whole lot as well.  I sometimes even take that tiny head and outright squeeze the little thing between my palms till it really flattens out... then stuff some more. 

Yes, it seems harsh and cruel!  But Dilu, you need to remember that while those tiny bear brains may have some awareness of the harsh and cruel treatment they are receiving.... the voices of protest that you are hearing are coming from inside your brain, it's not them.  Am I saying that you are nuts here Dilu?  NO WAY!  Just remember this, they can't hear what you are saying until you've put on the ears... so they can't hear all those terrible swear words and bad things you are saying about their lack of cooperativeness!  And, they can't really complain verbally to you until the mouth has been stitched in....  Then I'm sure you'll receive an earful Dilu, but until then, just know that you are squishing for their own good!

Beary  truly yours,
Kim Basta
Wild Thyme Originals

kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

Oh KIm bear_grin bear_grin bear_grin bear_grin
It is a really good thing  they can't hear till you sew their ears on because I have said some really bad words when I stuck my fingers with the needle.
Oh I am still laughing bear_smile bear_smile

Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

Ooh, gosh, I didn't read the original post properly did I?!  bear_wacko  I have a similar problem sometimes with the body, and as well it being a stuffing problem I also wonder if it's the way I sew? On the wee bears a little 'off' with the seams can be a try as I might to hold and sew the seams evenly I suspect that one side has a tendency to 'stretch' more in relation to the other (this is hard to describe!). The end result being that when I stuff, one side looks a fraction fuller than the other.

Just another thought to add to the pot!

I do find these hints and tips threads very useful  bear_thumb

Dilu Posts: 8,574


a lady after my own belief system-  that's why gollys get their mouths absolutely last, because as soon as they have it it's open and yammering at me.....I want this color dress.....He got more nutella than I did......she pinched me.....honestly

I read you post to my hubs and he said "It sounds like she really understands....."   laughing all the way to the kitchen to scrounge.....

Thanks ladies.  Tomarrow I will post a pic of my newes li'll one

I rather like the pattern.....I took one of my big bear patterns and reduced it down to 2.5"  She came put fat, sassy and with a heck of a lot  of attitude.....and a nice head.....ahhhhh

smooosh  smoooosh


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