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SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,744

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Harrison-3.JPGHarrisonHeadshot-1.JPGAt last!  I was beginning to think I would never make another bear.  Since the fall of last year, I've been sewing Christmas, birthday, and valentine gifts for my immediate and extended family.  I had a little window of opportunity to work on a bear and - voila - I actually finished it.  This is Harrison.  He's 18 1/2 inches with flexlimb in his arms so he can hold his favorite pillow.  He just got up from his nap and isn't quite awake yet . . . think he could use a hug.  Available on my website.

Bramblewoodbears Bramblewood Bears
Brooklyn, Washington
Posts: 309

I just love Harrison!  His nose is so great and I just think his style is so amazing.....very unique and lovable!

Carolyn Green Draffin Bears
Auckland New Zealand
Posts: 5,354

Harrison is a darling SueAnn and good to see a new bear from you.
So sweet holding his little pillow.


thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,644

Sue Ann,
     What a cutie pie and he does look like he needs a hug!  I wish I lived closer - I'd volunteer.



plushkinbear BEAR ME SHOOTKA
Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Posts: 2,139

Sue Ann, he is adorable!
Glad to see your new creation!!

Hugs, Julia

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

He is adorable SueAnn, love that fur!  bear_wub

Goldelocs Bears Goldelocs Bears
Posts: 611

Harrison is adorable  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  I love his endearing expression  bear_wub

kim "a bear by kim"
Posts: 2,401

hes beautiful, love the delicate colour of him x

Tenerezza Tenerezza
Posts: 68

He is  charming  bear_wub  bear_thumb

Bearytale Teddies Bearytale Teddies by Mireille Begijn
Belgium, Europe
Posts: 307

Very beautiful bear love the colours !!

Bear Hugs

Terrie Terries Bears
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,614

Sue Ann, he is adorable!!

Tami E Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears
Milford Ohio
Posts: 2,367

Sue Ann he is absolutely precious and perfect!!!! bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub Wish I has some bear money right now.

I am missing so much here. I just happened to do a quick look at the gallery of the Teddy Bears and Friends, and so many lovelies are there!

Off The Paw Artist Bears by Lesley
East Neuk
Posts: 1,101

Love his fur and adorable expression, and his cute nose  bear_wub

Tanya'sTeddies Teddy Bears by Tanya de Bruijn
Posts: 269

Great bear! I just love the fur and the facial expression!  bear_wub

valewoodbears Valewood Bears
Posts: 6,537

He is stunning, his expression is just wonderful  bear_wub


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,744

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Thank you all so very much!  I totally appreciate everyone's comments . . . your support truly inspires me to stay in this business awhile longer.

Melisa Nichols Melisa's Bears
Hazelton, BC
Posts: 5,811

Gorgeous!  Absolutely gorgeous!  And your photography is stunning!   bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

avateddy Posts: 1,361

Very very beautiful bear, i love him  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub


doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Hi Sue Ann, well I think Harrison was well worth the wait. He is adorable and really shows what a skilled artist you are. He definitely is a 'Past Time Bear' there's no doubting that, he is such a cute boy I love his little face.

Hugs, Jane.

millie PottersHouse Bears
Posts: 2,173

Harrison is adorable.  The pillow is wonderful also.

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,744

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Melisa, Olga, Jane, and Nina . . . thanks to you ladies, too, for your kind words.

BrendaBears BrendaBears
Jackson, Wyoming
Posts: 34

He's a charmer Sue Ann! I love his his fur.  bear_wub

Birgitta's bears Uppsala, Sweden
Posts: 796

So darn cute! Wonderful face and the nose is adorable!


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,744

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Thanks so much, Brenda and Birgitta.  :hug:  :hug:

All Bear All Bear by Paula
Posts: 5,162

He's beautiful Sue-Ann and I absolutely love those ears! :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

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