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adamsgirl Cheektowaga, New York
Posts: 22

Hello Again!
One question for the designers out there:  I finally came out with my own designs a while ago and now I would love to get a copyright on a couple of them and start selling, but I don't even know where to begin!  Please help!!  Much appreciated!! :D
Bear Huggies!!

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Copyright is a tricky issue.  If I weren't rushing out the door I'd tell you more specifics. 

A couple points:

Copyright is automatic; you don't need to "register" for anything to have a copyright on your unique and original work.  It applies, I think, to anything recorded (writings, photos, patterns, etc.)

North Country Teddy Bears (Google it as I REALLY have to go and can't find the URL right now, sorry), run by Nancy Tillberg, is a wonderful resource.  I think she has an article posted somewhere there about copyright.  I've read it myself; it's quite good.  Check it out.

Byeeeeeeeeee til later today...!

adamsgirl Cheektowaga, New York
Posts: 22

Thank You, Shelli!
Going to check that siteout now!!!

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Nancy is a super resource. 

Also you can look up the Library of Congress for copyright forms.  You can print them from the internet.   You need to submitt a copy of your design pattern and a photo of the finshed product.  It costs around $35.00 per submission.

adamsgirl Cheektowaga, New York
Posts: 22

Found it!!  What a COOL site!!
I have one of Nancy Tillberg's books, "101 Bears To Make" which is like the "bible" of bear design along with "A Bear Of My Own" by Rotraud Illisch.  These 2 instructional books will ALWAYS be in my collection!!
Thanks Again, Shelli!!  Your a Dear!!
Until Next Time!  Lotsa Bear Huggies!!!

adamsgirl Cheektowaga, New York
Posts: 22

Thank You, Judi!!  I will check that out too!! bear_cool

Wisdom Bears Wisdom Bears
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Posts: 951

Hi All, Clearly though ,none of us should be copying someone elses designs anyway, If a person has the talent to copy ,they should have the talent to design there own bear. My first three bears were bought patterns ,which I was not happy with anyway, so for 8 years I have been designing my own,and its much more gratifying than trying to copy someone elses ideas.   Huggles Rita xxx

Dilu Posts: 8,574


I never thought of it that way....but you have a point.  I got paranoid re: copywrite infringement while a the point that I stopped buying books because I didn't want any influence even subconsciously.

I've pretty much done the same thing with bears too....for the same reason....AND I DON"T EVEN SELL!!

You've been designing for 8 years, Hmmmm I've been designing for 8 months.  The problem with Gols and teds is the basic necessities for life.....they have to have heads, arms,legs,bods,......kind of hard to improvise toooo terribly i always worry that someone will say 'Hey I do that....." well, Yeah, you prob. do.  How many ways are there for a head shape, long arms, short arms, short legs, long legs, to tail or not to tail......and gollies....wellll.....I have seen some fabulous gollies here, unbelievable-like Laure's

But we are still dealing with basic body parts.....although I am toying with a Maye West gol, or Marilyn Monroe?  Cleavage....yep that's what I have to figure out.....

Thanks Darlene,

a valuable subject for all of us

Dily bear_tongue

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