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heartsez Hearts Ease Bears
Posts: 660

I have gotten several email form a man who wishes to order bears from me ..but something about the order doesnt feel right.
His name is Richard Moriss. Dont worry about shpiping his agent will pick it up,,cant use paypal..i google earthed hsi address
and there is such an adress but all i see is a fishing hole there, No actual houses, any advice?

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739


I goggled his name and came up with this interesting page.  Looks like it is a scam and he goes by several names.

heartsez Hearts Ease Bears
Posts: 660

ooh i'm an idiot I didnt think to google his NAME! Now I can block him  from my address book thanks! I knew it was off!
That shipping thing and the really weird way its worded..nice to know im not completely gullible!  thanks Tammy!

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

Easy...  Tell them that, if they don't want to pay via PayPal or by legitimate credit card, you will accept cash, check or money order, paid in advance.  You will fulfill the order when the payment clears the bank and not until.  You will ship via Fed-Ex, UPS, Post Office or via private courier if all shipping charges are paid in advance.  The customer is responsible for customs, import duty or other taxes.  Again, all paid in advance or paid by customer to the proper authority upon receipt of goods.

Write everything down before agreement is made:
"Upon receipt of 'X' dollars, I will send you the products listed, shipped via 'such-and-such' carrier.  Shipping and taxes will cost 'Y' dollars for a total of 'Z'.  Work will begin on fulfilling your order when all monies are paid in advance.  Product will be shipped to 'your address' upon completion of work.  Estimated due date of completion is 'date."  All payments are non-refundable once work has begun.  Please verify that your order is correct before sending any payment."

(Or something similar.  I think you get the point.)

If they don't want to play by your rules, they don't have to play at all.   bear_tongue

NIKKEL Nikkel Bears
Orient Point, NSW
Posts: 441

Just did a quick check on the address through the website - there's no Marion Street in KILLARA (not Killaria) either!

Looks like you guys have it sorted though! 

Marg  bear_original

heartsez Hearts Ease Bears
Posts: 660

Thanks guys! Too bad the can't stop this crap

kezjoy KezjoyKritterz
Gippsland Victoria
Posts: 185

wow thanks for the have to be suspisious of everyone these days..sheesh!

I did find it funny that one of the addresses he gave was very close to home for me. Longwarry North..I lived at Longwarry for 10 years as a kid..its a tiny town of about 500 does have a street called Princes Way..with about 10 houses on for Longwarry pretty much a few farms north of sure the people there would be just "thrilled" to know a scammer was using their name worldwide.

heartsez Hearts Ease Bears
Posts: 660

yeah like i said when i google earthed could see just what you houses on that stretch. the fact that the tone didnt seem Australian...and the shipping part were what set off bells for me,

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