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clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

I am constantly amazed by new artists joining the forum who have only made their wonderful bears for such a short time, how long have you all been making bears??

Me??   Since Feb 2003.  bear_original

nettie scotland
Posts: 2,160

I have been making bears for almost ten years now.Nine of them as a full time bear maker.I have been very fortunate to be able to support my family this way.When I look back at some of the mutants I use to sell I can't believe it!!!!You are doing very well for such a short time!!!

kbonsall Kim-Bee Bears
Posts: 5,645

... since April of 2005 bear_original  I am new bear_original

clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

Oooh Diane I would love to be able to do this full time like you    <dream>   bear_wub

Unfortunately it's not to be.....  bear_sad    I'm back to work tomorrow.....  bear_rolleyes

I do envy you  :hug:

clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

And Kim, that's brilliant - in fact it's hard to believe, I feel like I've 'known' you for years  bear_wub

MerBear MerBear Originals
Brockville, Ontario
Posts: 1,540

I started about 6 years ago. I've always sewed, knitted, crocheted but intermittently and lose interest mid-project sometimes. For some reason - bears took hold and I just can't put them down. Very addictive.


Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

Just over 2 years. And I still feel like a newbie!  bear_grin

Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,536

I have been making bears for about 4 years now and designing my own for about 1 1/2 years.  I never sewed a stitch before bearmaking and only took a class because some girlfriends were doing it and I didn't want to be left out!!!  bear_grin  bear_grin  bear_grin

Now I am part owner of a bear supply store with one of the friends who took the class with me.  Our local shop closed so we decided to open one ourselves.  We are celebrating out 1st Year Anniversary this month and are very excited about it all. :cake:  :cake:  :bday:  :bday:   Company is called Paws '2' Sew if your interested in having a look.  The website is and we buy most of our material from Intercal and some from Edinburgh.


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,564

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Since 1997 . . . eight years going on nine.

Dilu Posts: 8,574

2 years come April.

kbonsall Kim-Bee Bears
Posts: 5,645
clare14 wrote:

And Kim, that's brilliant - in fact it's hard to believe, I feel like I've 'known' you for years  :love:

AWWWW  :hug:

Wisdom Bears Wisdom Bears
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Posts: 951

I have been making bears since 1997,so it will be ten next year. But I,m still learning too. The day I stop learning is the day I give up totally.  Hugs Rita xxx

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,642

Hi there,
     I've been making and selling bears for over 10 years.  That's a long time for me to stick to anything LOL!       Brenda

shantell Apple Dumpling Designs
Willamette Valley Oregon
Posts: 3,128

I made my first bear in July 2005...I'm a newbie too.  I made two bears out of a kit and then started drawing my own because for one reason or another I didn't like the "kit bear".   I played around with cheap synthetic and upholstery fabric I either bought on ebay or at my local craft store until I figured out what I was doing. 

I've have learned EVERYTHING here!!!

jazzyrags Jazzy Rags
Posts: 1,494

I have been making bears for about 2 years boy time flys

bearsbybeesley bears by beesley TM
Tofield Alberta Canada
Posts: 6,818

Garnet and I have been bear making for approximately 5 years. On a very part time basis for friends and family. Never selling them. (Thank God! You should see those first bears! Yikes!) We have had our web site for 11 months and have been in business of selling bears about that long as well. I am always looking to learn something new and to create a new feel for the beesley bear. I am like Rita, the day I cannot improve is the day I will throw in the towel!

Many Hugs Louise

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I made my first one Fall 2003.  So I guess that's 2 years plus a little bit for me!

starlite Starlite Bears
Posts: 1,676

I think so many of you are soo talented  :clap:  :clap:  and you must have had a bear artist just waiting to be released inside of you :dance:  :dance:
I have been making bears since about 1999 - let me count that is six years - selling for less time - you should have seen my first bears - yuck!!
I do have to tell you that one thing I do know is I have learned so much more since joining this forum than I knew before  :clap:  :clap:
and that is including digesting multiple bear books  bear_rolleyes -
I want to experiment and grow  bear_grin  bear_grin
- and I hesitate to admit it cos you will all think I am egotistical - I would give anything to be 'placed' in a competition - someday  bear_wacko Because I am getting too mature now to win anything else - miss world - nope not been a miss for such a long time bear_cry - Nobel Prize - nope ain't clever enuf bear_cry Olympics - nope not unless a prize for being best nag bear_grin
Sorry I could go on but I also now realise with the help of all of you in this forum that I should not take it personally that I cannot be a winner - I am improving now and some day who knows I might get famous yet.
One last thing so you don't think I am materialistic - I actually do not want fortune particularly - just fame :redface:  :redface:
:hug:  :hug:

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

OOOHHH let's see....I have been into art since as far back as I can remember, drawing and painting.  Then I started knitting and sewing and scultping.  After high school I went to school for airbrush art/illustration.  I started actually making bears in Jan of 1999.  It has been a wonderful journey and continues to be ever changing.  I love it!!

WildThyme Wild Thyme Originals
Hudson, Ohio
Posts: 3,115

I think I made my first crocheted bear in June 2003... yes exactly that... as that is the date of the Teddy Bear & Friends magazine that featured the fabulous work of Berta Hesen-Mintin... well the first time... Butr I think that is wasn't until somewhere at the end of 2003 that I actually made a mini out of fabric.... So, I'd say about two years now!

Beary truly yours,
Kim Basta
Wild Thyme Originals

bearlyart Canna Bear Paint
Posts: 749

Good question!  I think in June of 2004 I made a kit bear and started one from a pattern of my mother's.  As of July 2004 I decided that if I was going to go to all the trouble to sew a bear and put it together, I might as well work on something of my own.  So July was the creation of my first pattern. 

I moved fast with pattern creation and such, using my mother and all that she knows as my secret weapon.  She started artist bears in, I think, October 2003, but had a lifelong history of fine art, sewing, toy making, and many other talents that she has been able to draw from.


P.S. Hayley, thank you again for the lovely new avatar! 
bear_thumb  bear_wub  :clap:

plushkinbear BEAR ME SHOOTKA
Vladivostok, RUSSIA
Posts: 2,139

I made my first bear in 2004.  bear_tongue Just a newbee bear_grin  :hug:

Terrie Terries Bears
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,614

I made my first bears in the early 80's when my kids were small. Erin, my oldest, is 25 years old today and she still has all of her "Mom" bears from over the years. I got a lot of practice in those days because all of the friends needed bears too. It is such an ego boost to make bears & dolls for little kids because they don't even notice, or care whether the eyes are straight or not! bear_grin  bear_grin  I started selling bears from my patterns  about 1997 and made my first mini in 2004.

Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

Let's see if I can remember back that far......hmmmm......I guess it hasn't been that long really.   I've been designing mohair bears just over five years.  I've had many artistic ventures along the way though and even designed for the Enesco Corporation for a few years which included sculpting folk art bears.  Some of my earliest bear designs had hand sculpted clay heads and soft bodies which were hand painted.....and, of course, they were dressed.  I still have one of those bears and there's not a thing I would change about her to this day.  My first explorations in mohair....well, that's a different matter all together.  My first bear's name is can guess why.   bear_original

Warmest hugs,  :hug:

Delartful Bears Delartful Bears
Posts: 3,518

Oooh I've been making bears for just over a year now :)
It's fun hearing how long people have been making them for!!


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