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donatel Berlin
Posts: 637

liebe.jpglarry_frontal.jpgLet me introduce you Larry. A small galago. He likes his mandarin very very much.
Made of faux fur, 10,5" large. His arms, legs, fingers and toes are wired and mobile. The long bushy tail is also wired.
Handpainted eyes, leather eyelid, needle and scissors sculpted, airbrushed.

Large fotos are here:
I hope Larry  brings you to  smile  bear_flower

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Larry is fabulous! Such a wonderful combination or realism and cuteness! :clap:  :clap:  :clap:


rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Aww, so cute, and love how he's hugging his wee fruit

avateddy Posts: 1,361

He is very sweet. I like him! bear_original  :hug:

donatel Berlin
Posts: 637

Thank you, Becky, Katy, Gail and Olga!  bear_flower

Conni Germany
Posts: 1,794

He is cute! The fingers are great.

nettie scotland
Posts: 2,160

oh he is lovely!

donatel Berlin
Posts: 637

Thank you Conni and Diane  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

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