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HLB Woolly Bears
Devon - UK
Posts: 12

Hello, i hope you all dont mind answering or giving advice on this subject, even though i know there are a few posts about it from a few years ago.  I have had a read, but 1) i wondered if anything new may have come out since then and 2) i had a couple questions of my own.

So has anyone used this paint 'DoCrafts Artiste Acrylic Paint’?  is it as good as the explanations say? its meant to be permanent and dry in an hour?

OR do you use ordinary acrylic paint?  which brand?  And do you still heat it with a hairdryer to keep it from coming off?

Also, just another question, is it true to colour on wool and mohair? or can the colour change?

Any help would be much appreciated


jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

Well I have started to use Createx which seems very good..and you can buy a medium for use with fabrics which helps to key it in to the fabric surface...but I discovered through trial and research on the Internet that shampoo or any other detergent acts as the same thing and helps the colour bind to the surface of the fabric. I have never had a problem with it.. It's designed for airbrushing...but does te job for hand painting too...
I don't know about the one you are talking about ...I imagine they at all similar.

BlackmoonBear Sacred Bear Studios
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Posts: 251

I really don't like acrylics for accenting fur, they fade off quickly from being handled. I use self-setting dye pigments instead.

do you use airbrush or paintbrush to apply?

HLB Woolly Bears
Devon - UK
Posts: 12

Thanks for your replies, i am currently using both techniques, but feel i may not use a paint brush anymore, but use an ink pen instead, like the prismacolor or something similar. I also airbrush.

Im not sure what self-setting dye pigments are?  have you got any brand names?

Because my mother is an artist, it was easy to borrow her acrylic paints, but not having done much of it, i wasnt sure whether it would fade off over time. Im certainly happy to try other stuff, but while having a read around the site, it would appear that some people like acrylics.  I do however like the colours and effects it can give.

Im always open to other peoples experiences and knowledge though, thanks

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I use acrylics on the face of my bears.  I think for me it is what I prefer to use the most.  I have never thought about them rubbing off over time.  I do know that what I am using which is Folk Art Artists Pigments are light fast, they will not fade out over time.  I can understand about the paint maybe rubbing off if used on a body.  But the face should not be rubbed really.  I water them down and use a dry brush.  I have never had any problem with the paint adhering.  I do heat set with a blow dryer. 

I do know that I am a messy worker.  I have gotten glue, and paint and inks on my clothes.  I can wash and wash and it does not come out.  I tend to think that things are a lot more permanent than we give them credit for.

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

I agree Joanne... I do think that these acrylics are pretty good in terms of fading. I have paintings which were on paper which I did aged 16...41 years ago. I didn't treat the paper as I didn't know about that. They have been in sun light in my mums house and are still bright despite the years....and open to being touched. I didn't treat the finished painting with a sealant. So I don't understand the fading thing.
I use detergent as a surfactant because I find that on felted areas without that,  the colour doesn't blend very well...but on mohair it is fine without....but on faux fur I think it needs to be used to enable the fabric to receive the acrylic evenly. I know that Judi Paul did...probably still does...and so does Karen Lyons....airbrush whole designs using acrylics...without issue.
I used to use oils but they don't dry quick enough for me.
I like the blendabilityof acrylics...I like Createx as they do translucent shades which enable the shading of the fabric using the actual colour of the mohair to be modified. I believe other makes do the same...Golden Brand is one.
I have not noticed it coming off either and I have been using it over lots of years now.

LittleButtonMeadow Button Meadow Bears
Posts: 610

I LOVE acrylic!
It's fantastic to work with. You can mix it, blend it... I have used other media such as pastels etc, but always come back to acrylic. For me it just works. The only time acrylic fades, is if it's washed, but even then its hardly anything.
I have used it in faux fur with no problem apart; I just find it takes a little more blending into the fabric and takes a little longer to dry, don't ask me why! I have never needed to heat dry it, as once it's dry it's permanent.
The only way to know if its right for you is to have a go! bear_smile

CraftingDreams Posts: 29

I recommend Liquitex acrylic paints, they are durable and you can buy the ones with semi-transparent effect, that can help you to obtain a soft finish.
Anyway I prefer oil paints, in my opinion are more durable.

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