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Carolyn Green Draffin Bears
Auckland New Zealand
Posts: 5,354

Hi Aleta bear_flower

Please hurry up and get over the flu ... we don't like hearing that one of our Teddy talkers
has the flu.
Look after yourself and get a lot of rest and sleep.
I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Bear hugs

bearsbybeesley bears by beesley TM
Tofield Alberta Canada
Posts: 6,818

Take care Aleta! We are thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery!

many hugs Louise

patsylakebears Patsy Lake Bears
Posts: 3,442

Aleta sending  :hug:  :hug: and best wishes for a speedy recovery ...... take care

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,642

Feel better soon, Aleta! 
                                       Hugs,  :hug:  :hug:  Brenda

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 20,992

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

:hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  bear_flower  bear_flower  bear_flower  bear_flower

melissa Honeythorpe Bears
Wellington, New Zealand
Posts: 1,789


Sorry that you have the flu - that's no fun.  Hope that your hubby pampers you so you can get better quickly!   :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Jellybelly Bears Jellybelly Bears
Posts: 4,066

I hope you feel better soon Aleta.  Take care of yourself
xo Sarah  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

Egad!  That's me!!  Boo hoo.  I do have the flu and a raging fever.  The bears won't come near me and have disinfecting spray poised and at the ready at the studio door.  Geez, a bearmom just can't catch a break! 

Bless you gals for all the get well wishes.  You really know how to make a girl cry.   bear_cry

102.2 degree bear hugs,  :hug:

doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

AletaGetWell.jpgHi Aleta I hope you soon fell well again. Take care my friend and it's best to stay away from the bears right now...there's nothing worse than a bear with a sore head!  bear_whistle  bear_whistle

Hugs Jane.   :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  bear_flower

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

bear_cry Oh Aleta, that IS too warm!!!  bear_cry   Be sure to get plenty of rest, and keep sip, sip, sipping'll need to say hydrated... 

Sending gentle  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:   Get well soon  bear_flower

gotobedbears Posts: 3,177

Awww Aleta - where did you catch it from? Was those naughty teddies?

bear_wub I hope you feel much better soon  bear_wub

Penny  :hug:

Deb Upstate New York
Posts: 1,650

Yuck!  Hope you're feeling better soon Aleta.

I had my flu shot this year, so am hoping to make it through  unscathed!

Marion Acid Attic Bears
Posts: 2,284

Bad flue, fly away now ! bear_angry  bear_angry
I said : NOW  bear_angry


Did it work ?

Dear Aleta, I hope you get better very soon ! Take care of you ! :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Sandi.S. Posts: 1,277

Oh, so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Gets lots of rest and take care of yourself.  :hug:  :hug:

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Oh, bother.

Feel better soon, Aleta.


Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

Oh bother is right!  I have things to do, pictures to take, bears to list!!!!  I realize now that a lot of you would like to have my studio.....but sheesh!...whose idea was it to run over me with a truck? bear_tongue

Warmest bear hugs,  :hug:

LynBlair Posts: 139

I can sympathize as I have it too, Aleta.  bear_wacko   I had my flu shot and it's just not fair, dangit!  bear_angry  You have my heartfelt best wishes for a speedy recovery.  bear_flower

Sickly hugs,

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

Sorry you are feeling bad, can't send chicken soup so I'll just send
ya a  :hug:

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739

Take care Aleta.  The flu is so not fun !!!  I hope it leaves soon .    :hug:

baggaley bears Baggaley Bears
UK ( nottinghamshire )
Posts: 2,192

Aleta so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well i hope you feel better soon :hug:  :hug:


Deb Upstate New York
Posts: 1,650
whiteforestbears wrote:

Poor Aleta! She had so many people storm her house to take over her lovely studio that she got the flu!!!

Well, I didn't give it to her. I've had my flu shot.  Must have been you-know-who.  bear_happy

gotobedbears Posts: 3,177

You talking to me? You must be, cos i don't see anyone else here.....................AKA Taxi Driver

Do you mean me Deb? Cheeky  bear_rolleyes

Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

Oh Deb!  You really made me laugh!  They say laughter is the best medicine and I have to say, as lousy as I feel, just checking in to TT every few hours or so really lifts my spirits.  You all make me laugh and laugh.  Thank you so very, very much.   bear_wub

Warmest bear hugs,  :hug:

lemmonbears Lemmon Bears
Oregon Coast
Posts: 303

Take care Aleta! I hope you feel better soon! Rest, Rest, Rest....things can wait til you feel better.

I Love Teddies South Florida
Posts: 1,684

Aleta, I hope you feel better soon!   :hug:  :hug:   

Lyn, did you say you have it too?   I hope you feel better soon!   :hug:  :hug:


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