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zsuzsi Posts: 25

I was wondering if You could help me with this question:
I have some medium quality faux fur that I saved for teddy making, but I find if I want to delve into the world of bear making for adults/ collectors other materials (mohair, high quality faux fur, viscose, vintage furs, etc.…) are more sought.
But I still think that if I wanted to create a new design, and I was unsure of my pattern, I could still test my pattern with this fur- saving me from worries and headache. If this bear would turn out to be a well-crafted, huggable bear that is worth some money, do you think it would sell? Or where should I try to list it (Etsy maybe?)?
I’ve read in an earlier discussion that some of you have found that the fur of which the bear is crafted determines if the bear sells or not and it plays a heavy role when it comes to pricing your bear. Is that so? Do collectors avoid buying medium quality faux fur creations (reasonably priced of course)?
Of course if I wanted to pay a bigger price for a bear I would want it ensured that for my money I get something that will last . Thats perfectl understandable.
I’m curious what your experience is, and what collectors think about this topic?


BerLynne Ontario -GTA
Posts: 51

(I know it's been years, well, I noticed after I typed out my reply, so I'm going to submit on the grounds that you never got one.. if you're still active? )

My guess is that there is a market for faux fur/synthetic bears out there, only because one of my favorite artists sells quite a few, and for a pretty penny, almost instantly once they go up for sale. Despite the fact she's across the planet, her faux fur line is amazing and after a few horrid attemps with ordering from an American company I've only ordered from her, at a much more affordable rate. I use synthetic myself only because I'm terrified of ruining mohair... I'm rather new with the actual teddy design so the chance of ruining the one chunk of kid mohair I have terrifies me! ? … tist-bears

Maybe it will bring someone else hope even if you yourself are no longer interested in finding an answer?

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