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majdle Posts: 130

Hello everyone,
it's been a while since I was here last. Besides the good old bear making, I picked up the passion for old bears, which I didn't have before.
Since I live in Germany now, I study all I can on vintage bears, but I come across bears I love and can't ID. Like this one. I have him from a lady, whose auntie was the original owner. The lady remembers this bear from her early childhood and she is going on 60, so the bear could be made in the late 1950ies or - that's even more probable - 1960ies. He is mohair, fully jointed and biiig (60 cm), hard wooden wool stuffing, felt pads.
I went through my German manufacturer books and couldn't find anything. Also, he seems a bit too "round" for any of the German bears.
Does anyone recognize him? Any tips will be appreciated. :)

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Oh, how cute! Do you think he could be a Fechter bear (from Austria)? They made a lot of bears with down-turned front paws.

He doesn’t have the open mouth of many Fechter bears, however. He looks to be of very high quality, and the big ears and round shape make him look like a baby bear.  bear_wub


majdle Posts: 130

Dear Becky,
many thanks for your opinion. I guess he could be pretty much anything, maybe even Fechter, but as you said - I am missing the open mouth and then, close mouthed Fechter bears look different. I thought maybe English or even US or so? He lived in Hamburg and many people travelled from there, so he could be from anywhere in the north Atlantic world... He is quite stubby, mouse-eared, the mohair is indeed very high quality and so is the manufacturing, so I wouldn't think he'd be a no-name bear. But I have never stumbled across a bear like this. He has that teddy baby look minus open mouth... What a sweet mystery. bear_original

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,595


There's a great site I love that has information about lesser known bears, I think mostly Austrian, called   She's in the UK.  She might be able to help you, too.   (I love mystery bears, and love your lovely bear!  Too cute.)

majdle Posts: 130

thanks a lot, I have already written to her. Let´s see what comes back. :)
I have more mystery bears, all of the cute as hell, so there will be more :D

Corneal UK
Posts: 10

his mouth and nose look british

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