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Brooke123 Posts: 1

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to create a business around soft toys, however I am not creatively minded when it comes to design and pattern production so I would be looking for assistance with this.

Has anyone ever sold a pattern of theirs for exclusive use by a company/signed over their rights as the designer to a company who then went on to sell a product with their design?

Very much in the early stages of planning but would love to get as much insight as I can from anyone who may have any experiences with this on how they went about it, contracts etc.

Thanks in advance,

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,771

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I have had a one-time-only situation like that with Steiff.  Many years ago, they conducted a competition for their North American market in which teddy bear artists were invited to enter one of their own designs.  The winner of the competition would have their design manufactured and distributed by Steiff as a limited edition.  MUCH to my surprise (and delight!) my bear was chosen as the grand prize winner.  I was paid for the design and all rights went to them.  The bear (Cappuccino)  was available for several years, but I don't think it's still in production. 

Another example was with the Franklin Mint.  One of the teddy bear magazines (this was years ago, also) used to publish a Who's Who in teddy bear artists and I happened to be featured in one of them.  The Franklin Mint contacted me about designing a bear for them similar to the one shown in the write-up about me.  We communicated back and forth about design, size, types of fur, etc. for the teddy.  The bear became "Holly, the Holiday Bear".  She came with her own little trunk and her clothes reflected which holiday was being observed at the time . . . Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's, etc.  I didn't get paid, but received lots of advertising via the nice brochure that was included in the packaging.  I was acknowledged as the designer, so it created a bit of business for my bears.  Holly is no longer manufactured, either.

Hope this helps.

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