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BananaBee Posts: 3

Dear Teddy Talk Members,

Would anybody teach me how to fix brushed ratinee mohair?
I have a teddy bear made with ratinee mohair which have bunched curly mohair.
But due to the lack of my knowledge, I brushed the teddy bear.
(I wanted to take care of him because I love him so much. bear_sad )
The teddy bear became so fluffy after brushing.
He looks pretty cute now but I miss his last looking.

So if you know how to fix the brushed ratinee mohair, I beg you to teach me....

I tried rubbing him with my a bit wet hands. I feel like his hair got back like ratinee mohair a little bit. But He is still fluffy.
I think the parts I touch often: his back and tummy are slightly becoming bunched. But I'm not sure if I can fix his hair just by touching him. ><
I love him sooo much, so I'm very sad for his change. I really hope his hair can get back.

Thank you
(Sorry for my poor English!)

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Hi BananaBee,

Your English is fine!  bear_original  I’m not sure whether ratinee mohair can be “re-ratineed”? Using water was a good idea, and I know that some people use hair products (for people) on mohair. Maybe some hair-styling gel or mousse?

Good luck,

BananaBee Posts: 3

Hello Ms. Becky,

Thank you so much for your comment!
But I'm sorry I couldn't reply soon.

Water didn't work as well as I hoped...
I'm so glad you gave me another chance to fix my teddy bear! :'( I appreciate it.
I think I can go to get a hair product after work today, so I am going to try your advice.

Thank you again!

Churton M Posts: 43

I'm not sure if this will work or be of help but my daughter has various hair products as she has a short wild messy hairstyle; in her stash she has 'sea salt water spray' it helps give her hair a less fluffy look but without weighting it down with hair product and it does tend to give her hair an almost retinee look so may be worth a try. She buys hers from her hairdresser

BananaBee Posts: 3

Thank you so much for the reply!:')
I got a hair mousse from a hair salon for the teddy bear, and it helped the curl of the hair get back a little bit (Thank you, Ms. Becky!!) but didn't make it like ratinee style. So I am glad you recommended specific type of hair product. Could you please send me a picture of the sea salt hair spray? >< I am sorry for asking you to take time for it.

Thank you!!

Churton M Posts: 43

Here's a link for the sea salt texturizing spray … l-10192484

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