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casrmcho Posts: 2


I'm looking for a pattern that would replicate the original 1900s Morris Michtom Teddy Bear. I read from online that one of Linda Mullin's books may contain such a pattern, but I couldn't find detailed information regarding which book would have the pattern. Also, I wonder if anyone knows any other author that has created such a pattern?

Sorry I'm new to the website... If this has been asked before, I apologize. I tried to run a search but couldn't find similar discussion.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion! bear_original

Photo from Google/Wikipedia

Tony Furleigh Bears.
Posts: 20

That will be in the book Creating Heirloom Teddy Bears,The complete Pattern Book.Its got a nice picture of a Mitchom bear gazing into a mirror on the front cover.

casrmcho Posts: 2

Thank you so much Tony! bear_original This was so helpful!

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