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Mlawler Posts: 1

I have made each of my grandchildren 5 in total.   a teddy bear for Christmas. One has finished up to be 24'' tall.  The joint I have used I think is far too small.  What size joint should I have used and can I do anything now it is all out together.  The head is really wobbly.   I am getting in touch from England. I hope you can help me I was very impressed with the help given here. I can't find any help this side of the pond.  I have Dementia so I am hoping too make one for each of my sisters.  My husband came up with the idea of putting a label on the ear saying   A hug from Grandma.  So I have stitched it into 32 count aida.  Don't know if that helps anyone but it does look lovely.   Look forward to any help you can give.   Wonderful website by the way

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