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Ben’s Teddy Bears California
Posts: 1

Hello, I am new here. I’m a young boy who loves to collect teddy bear. This bear is one of my most valuable bear. I only know that he is a Merrythought, but I have no other information about it. Please help!

I posted this thread because one of his joint, left arm, is very loose. I’m really gentle with him. What can I do to tighten the joint?

Ben’s Teddy Bears

This is a picture of him, Theodore Jr.

JulieK Suffolk
Posts: 28

Hi and welcome bear_original

The only way to tighten the joint would be to open the bear up, remove the stuffing and tighten the joints up.

Unless you have made a good few bears, I would send it to a repairer/restorer.

Julie bear_original

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