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toadbriar ToadBriar
western massachusetts
Posts: 532

Do you have a movie you've seen a zillion times, but when you
surf by it with the remote, you always end up watching it til the end?

Fried Green Tomatoes
The Shawshank Redemption
The Princess Bride

& worst of all..........

The Poseidon Adventure. :clap: but only til Shirley Winters kicks it. She's the best & it's nowhere as fun without her.
bear_whistle "there's got to be a morning aaaaafterrrr...." roflmao  bear_whistle (smileybear is singin, not whistlin)

so what are yours?

nettie scotland
Posts: 2,160

Mine are,
Whats eating Gilbert Grape?
The last Of the Mohicans
Terms of Endearment
Dusk till Dawn
Sense and Sensibility
and Aliens(the first and second but no more after that)
Strange mix I suppose.I do love Fargo to but have watched it too many times now.
Hugs Diane xxOh and also Predator as it takes me back to when I did bodybuilding and Arnie was my hero!!!

patsylakebears Patsy Lake Bears
Posts: 3,442

I love Dirty Dancing ... Ghost .. My fair Lady, oh I love movies I could go on for along time ......

All Bear All Bear by Paula
Posts: 5,162

For me it's always 'The King and I' starring Yul Brynner.  I'm also a sucker for 'Anna and the King' starring Jodie Foster. 

I love the musicals, so if there's an opportunity to 'Wash that man right outta my hair' (South Pacific), or catch up with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in 'My Fair Lady', I'll be there!

A more recent film I think I'll watch again and again, will be 'Ray' starring Jamie Foxx ... I was given it on DVD as a present last week after loving it at the cinema.

gotobedbears Posts: 3,177


Oh yes, i'm a sucker for watching some movies over and over again.

Highlander - the first one, the rest are rubbish GOLLYGOSH Christophe Lambert was soooooooo scrumptious in his kilt - favourite line "Forgive me father, i am a worm"
From Dusk til Dawn - yeah well we all know why i love this - GEORGE CLOONEY! Favourite line by Juliet Lewis "creepy guy"
The Goonies - this is a family favourite - how many films have 'One Eyed Willy' said over and over again? ha ha
A Christmas Story - yep, i know we all love this movie here at TT - favourite line is "Take your eye out" and i have always wanted a light up leg lamp ever since!
The Burbs - Tom Hanks is sooooo young in this - i love Corey Feldman. Whatever happened to him?
Lost Boys - [INVALID] young vampires and a great soundtrack too. I found this movie really scary way back then.

All the 80's fantasy movies.......Labyrinth,Never Ending Story,The Dark Crystal etc

I gotta go..............supposed to be working but may just pop a crackly old video in the machine instead.

Penny  bear_tongue

Densteds Densteds
Posts: 2,056

My  favourites

Bogey & Kathryn...seen it upteen times but still my favourite...The African Queen!

Bridges over Madison County (cried my eyes out....)

Out of Africa 

Ryan's Daughter ( heaven's how old am I???????????????)

Dances with Wolves


got to agree with Diane...What's eating Gilbert Grape..(just love Johhny Depp)

Chocolat!! (ditto)

Cleathero Creations Cleathero Creations
Ripley, Queensland
Posts: 1,925

Oh goodness,
Never ending story, labyrinth, dark crystal, princess bride, legend

Lost Boys


Pride and prejudice


X men

hmm better stop I'll be here all night!!

kbonsall Kim-Bee Bears
Posts: 5,645

Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire (I have a fascination with vampires for som reason - Love Anne Rice's books!), White Chicks, Labrynth, Pirates of the Carribean... I also LOVE claymation and computer animated disney/pixar movies - Robots, Monsters, Inc., Chicken Run

As for shows, I loved Six Feet Under and I love the Sopranos bear_original  I watch Cold Case Files (the one with real cases, not the one with actors), the Investigators, Dr. G, Medical Examiner (I love shows like these)

BrozZ BearZ BrozZ BearZ
Posts: 266

I love vampires too, Kim!
I must say:

Pirates of the Carribean
All the Lord of the Rings movies
Matix (only the first one)
Blues Brothers
Lion king
All the old disney movies
Musicals like Cats, Chicago, Joesph and the dreamcoat
Blackadder series
Black boos series

I like heaps!

Jellybelly Bears Jellybelly Bears
Posts: 4,066

Penny - The Burbs!!!  Love that movie lol.  Would you like a sarra-dine?  :crackup:
Kim - The princess Bride!  Oh I love that...Isn't Wesley the best hehe  And I love the sword fights  bear_grin

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singin in the Rain...and Cary Grant movies esp, Arsneic and Old Lace...and While you were Sleeping, The Improtance of Being Earnest with Colin Firth...Yes, Pirates of the Carribean...know there is a no 2 out now  :dance: .  Hmmm...I could go on and on.
xo Sarah

jazzyrags Jazzy Rags
Posts: 1,494

The long long trailer with lucy i loved that movie and i love i love lucy

bhbears Bearhaven Bears
Merrickville, Ontario
Posts: 224

The Colour Purple and I cry every time I see it, my all time favorite!!! bear_cry
OHH and I love anything Winnie The Pooh.
Hugs Deborah

BrozZ BearZ BrozZ BearZ
Posts: 266

I always cry in the last Lord of the rings and the Lion king. The lion king is sooooooo sad!  bear_cry

jazzyrags Jazzy Rags
Posts: 1,494

Anyone ever seen that movie Beloved with oprah

pandamac 'EmBears
Northern New York State
Posts: 917

Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, Dumbo......lots of kids movies that I could sit and watch many times.
Musicals....Okalahoma, Oliver, The Fiddler on the Rood, etc.
Every Which Way but Loose, 8 Below, March of teh Penguins.
Most any animal (true life) movie........
DO NOT like Horror, (sorry no Alien or things like that.)
Orca is the other one I like. Gives the whales personalities like people.
No Jaws, though.


Marion Acid Attic Bears
Posts: 2,284

Mine are :
A Knight's tale (I just  watch this one 3 times a year ^^)
Sleepy Hollow
The Lord of the rings (1, 2, 3)
Interview with a Vampire  and Coppola's Dracula
Matrix 1
Dark City (with Rufus Sewell  bear_wub )
Pirate of the Carribean
Star Wars IV, V, VI   and Indiana Jones 1, 2, 3 (I watched those millions of time in my childhood and love to watch them again now)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Comboy Bebop anime serie
And lots of others including all those old films with Gene Kelly, Cary grand, Audrey Hepburn... when I'm with mom ^^.
Oh, and Hercule Poirot with David Suchet,  Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, the Prisoner (watched 3 times the all episodes) and the Persuaders (same thing ^^).

As I do not have the TV, I have these in DVD and it's a good thing I love to watch them all again and again  :crackup:.
Hugs ! :hug:  :hug:

lapousmor Sophie Z'Ours
Sarthe, France
Posts: 2,770

Dirty Dancing
The Green Mile (very sad story, but such a great movie) (from the book of Stephen King)
La Grande Vadrouille (my favourite moviewith Louis de Funès) , and most of other movies with Louis de Funès
Back to the futur (more the first one of the trilogy) with Michael J. fox
Ice Age

Beary hugs,

bearkeeper Posts: 18

Dark Crystal
Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation
Friday the Thirteenth series
Nightmare on Elm Street series
Child's Play/Chucky series
Critters series

There's probably more. These are just the first that sprang to mind.

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,643

This is cool, seeing what everyone watches.  We don't see many movies - can't sit still that long, but I have a few favourites:
                "Witness' staring  Harrison Ford

                 Fried Green Tomoatoes

                 The Green Mile


                 The Colour Purple

     I could watch any of them again and again!  I made my son-in-law promise that the mouse lived, before I could watch The Green Mile LOL!



Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Movies I can't Walk Past (you folks reminded me of many of these favorites!)
French Kiss
Lord of the Rings 1,2,3
Sixteen Candles
The Sure Thing
Better off Dead
Bruce Almighty
Alien 1,2,3,4
The Princess Bride (Iocane powder!)
Terms of Endearment (who doesn't die inside when Shirley goes ballistic over Debra's missed pain meds?)
My Life as a House (Kevin Kline is a demi-god)
Forrest Gump (that movie is so brilliant and sly)
Shawshank Redemption (think I've seen that about ten million times)
Seven (too compelling not to watch)
Anything Monty Python

Must-see TV
Friends (yes, even reruns I've seen a million times.  Just can't NOT watch.)
Sex & the City (same with this one)
Invader Zim
Law & Order, esp. SVU & Criminal Intent

Great topic!

Pijangibears Pijangibears
Posts: 870

I just love:
Gone with the wind ( that's my bigges favourite )
Dirty dansing
It's a wonderful life
La Bamba

Hugs Birgitte

Eileen Baird'sBears
Posts: 3,873

bear_original Anything scary, plus/including . . .

African Queen
Bringing Up Baby
Singin' in the Rain
Princess Bride (he's not dead, he's mostly dead)
Pumpkinhead (I didn't know that anyone else had even SEEN it!)
Star Wars I,II,III (the good ones)
Lord of the Rings
Jaws (you're gonna need a bigger boat)
The Exorcist
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim version)
The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant version)
It's a Wonderful Life
Life is Beautiful
Miracle on 34th Street (the old version)
Alien trilogy (best female role of the decade)
Iddiana Jones trilogy
Back to the Future trilogy
The Phantom of the Opera
Ladykillers (Alec Guiness Version)
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 videos (terrible old creepy movies and shorts with snarky commentary)
The Producers

It's a long list, but I've been around awhile . . .


vkallum Humble-Crumble Collectors Bears
Essex, England
Posts: 334

Ooh so many to choose from ....... on my list is:

Mystic River
Scent of a Woman
Green Mile
Jack and Sarah bear_cry
Finding Neverland  bear_cry  bear_cry (a good one for all the Johnny Depp Fans)
English Patient bear_cry  bear_cry 

and anything very scarey. 

Shelli, I'm with you on "Seven" (and as a bonus you get Brad thrown into the mix!)

Then there are those that I've only seen once but have a lasting effect:

Gorillas in the Mist
Schindlers List
Passion of the Christ

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

vkallum wrote:

Shelli, I'm with you on "Seven" (and as a bonus you get Brad thrown into the mix!)

I'm sure that's the popular opinion -- the BRAD thing, I mean -- but actually, I'm much more a Morgan Freeman type, myself.  bear_wub    Does that man have a voice, and a presence, and a gentility and a grace and a warm kindness about him... or what???  He contributes soundly to my fascination with Bruce Almighty and The Shawshank Redemption as well.  For that matter, I should have added DRIVING MISS DAISY and KISS THE GIRLS.

Back to SEVEN, though... isn't Kevin Spacey just astounding as just about the creepiest, most soul-less, psychopath to ever walk the earth??? <shudder>

vkallum Humble-Crumble Collectors Bears
Essex, England
Posts: 334


Kevin Spacey definitely plays the psychopath extremely well - very, very creepy.  Every time I watch it I hope there will be something else in the box at the end!! 

Yes Morgan Freeman is fabulous, everything he does is superb - Kiss the Girls is a great film. 

That reminds me, one more for my list.  Man on Fire, Dakota Fanning is outstanding, incredible for such a little one and Denzel Washington well ......... he's just fab.

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