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Jennie Teddybears Sweden
Gavle, Sweden
Posts: 751

Hi you all!

Here comes a little request.... MABYE someone could help me get the july issue of Teddy Bear Club international? Maybe someone will be willing to sell their issue or maybe buy the issue for me.... *looking sooooo begging*  bear_innocent
Silly me, but there will be a little photo and paragraph of one of my bears in that issue, and I just need to see it!!

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Jennie, I would be happy to give you mine as soon as I get it.  It takes while to get here since I live the US but email me your address and it's yours. :hug:

doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Jennie I have only just received the June issue of the magazine. It is late coming out as Teddy Bear Club International has just incorporated Teddy Bear Times into the magazine. We are now one English bear magazine short.  bear_cry  It is such a shame that this has happened, but the combinded magazine is good. I don't know when the July issue will be out but when I get it I will scan the part about your bear for you.

Hugs Jane.  bear_flower

Jennie Teddybears Sweden
Gavle, Sweden
Posts: 751

Ok, so Teddy bear club international and Teddy bear times is now the same magazine? Or will it be?
Yes, please scan the the page to me if you see it! I guess it will be a small picture and my name look for Jennie Sandahl!   bear_original  Many many thanks!

piegabaer Speyer/Germany
Posts: 68

Jennie, I´m living in Germany and have a subscription from TBCI. If I´ll get the July issue, I can send it to you, if you want.

Jennie Teddybears Sweden
Gavle, Sweden
Posts: 751

Thank you Simone! I have allready gotten help to find the magazine, MANY big thanks to you all! You are the sweetast! bear_wub

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