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tarnuf Hamilton New Zealand
Posts: 62

bear_flower  Hi everyone.

I hope you can help me I am trying to find information on the Disney Teddy Show. Just woundering if there is a web site I can look at. The other question I have is to do with the Toby Awards, I am just woundering if you have to be selling many bears to enter the contest.  Thank you for looking.  bear_wub

Kind Regards
Tania  :hug:

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hi Tania.

There's no "minimum" number of bears you need to have sold to enter the TOBY's, I don't think.  However, there IS a "maximum" number of bears you're "allowed" to make per year if you want to enter the ARTIST, vs. the MANUFACTURER, categories.  I'm sure this limit is set to ensure that all artist entries are made by a single craftsperson; if one produces, like, 1000 bears per year, that's likely the work of an assembly line of some kind, and would make those bears "manufactured."  And so on.

Mindy Kinsey, the editor of TB&F, recently posted that the 2007 TOBY rules are now available online.  Click here for her post  ... and click the word "website" under her avatar if you want to visit the TB&F site directly.

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