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K Pawz Guest

I just realized from reading the other posts more clearly that you can enter the same bears in the TOBY and the Golden Teddy? I know kind of a statement and a question, somebody please correct me if my assumption is wrong....I only entered the TOBY because I thought that I would have to do totally different bears for the Golden Teddy.... :doh: Now don't I feel silly!!!!


Chico, California
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Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

You can absolutely enter the same pieces in both contests, and you can enter sold work or work still in your studio.

You can even enter those same pieces in the international contests, but some of the international contests require that you SEND your piece -- if it gets nominated -- to them for final judging (Judi and others here can tell you more about this; I don't have any personal experience with these contests), so if you enter those contests, be sure to read the fine print so that if you get a nomination, you still have your piece on hand to ship!

It can be really confusing, all of this contest stuff, Krisa.  Don't be too hard on yourself!

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