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tarnuf Hamilton New Zealand
Posts: 62

Hi Everyone

Can you please help me. I need to buy a new camera as my one was stolen right from underneath my nose  bear_sad
I need to purchase a new one but dont know what specfic things I need. I want to be able to take photos of my bears as well as general family ones to. I have seen some cameras are so many pixels and zoom. I dont now what these are plus I have seen macro on some. Sorry for the rambling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated  bear_flower .

Kind Regards
Tania  :hug:

greatwon2 AlmostBears
Posts: 332

i dont know much about cameras but when we bought ours my husband told me that optical zoom is better than digital and the mega pixals arent too important after a certain amount unless you want to print out huge pictures.we have an olympus with 10x optical zoom and havnt had any troubles with it.i think too that their fairly resonably if price isnt a consideration you might want to look at a slr camera..when we sold our house the real estate agent had one and when he took pictures of our kitchen it looked awsome and not like our crappy kitchen at all :crackup: he liked showing it off too and showed us how good the zoom was by taking a picture of a house on the other side of town and it looked like he was out the front of it bear_grin  i probably havnt helped at all but its about all i know so.........

rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Tania, there are some great threads on this board about Digital Cameras, do a search.

I have a Fuji finepix S5000 digital camera which does the job for me, but I would love a more expensive one maybe one day perhaps one of those Nikon Digitals :pray: .

fredbear Fred-i-Bear
Posts: 2,243

EZBear University offers a course on Digital Photography- How to take good pics of your bears and dolls- if you can afford the class then join up- as buying the right camera is discussed here- its a continuous intake so you could sign up right away - maybe treat yourself to a early birthday/christmas valentine present. It is worth it.


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