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StarHawk2003 VallierBears
Posts: 270

Hello everyone,

I posted a topic regards what needles to use to create a mini. Well I went in search of size 10 quilting needles. The smallest I could find was 5 - 9!!!! I know they go down to a like 15! I'm pretty angry as I'm halted in working trying to find a small needle! I've tried a bigger one but it's just not possible, The wholes where the threads come through are too big and just show the stitching.

I'm going bonkers here!

Is there anyone who can get 10 or lower needles for hand sewing near them? I can pay postage and the cost of them... Or someone who has some spare, I will also pay the cost of the needles and the postage!

Thanks a bunch,


Pumpkin & Pickle Bears Pumpkin & Pickle Bears
East Sussex
Posts: 2,047

Richy, have you tried getting them from Woolworths? That's where I got mine from and they go down really quite small. And they're cheap too!

StarHawk2003 VallierBears
Posts: 270

Now thats a place I havn't tried! I did get a pack of the 5-9's. From a well known mertail shop that sells everything apprently :P

I will have to try woolworths! thanks for the tip!

Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

Richy: I posted this for you in another post. You can order on line. The John James Sharps #12 are so thin....I think you will like is a link on what they look like.... … 7599679.e5

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