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Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,536

How do you sew your noses??????????

Do you start in the middle or on the side??????

Do you do both sides at the same time working back and forth??

Do you do one side and then the other side??

How many layer of perle cotton do you use???

I start in the middle do one side, go back to the middle placing a second layer of perle cotton on the side I just finished and then work on the other side coming back to the middle.

Just curious!


StarHawk2003 VallierBears
Posts: 270

I sew the same technique as you do! I do often wonder what 2 layers would look like, I think it would be great to have a nice bulky looking nose...

Anyone have any pics of different noses? Bulky ones ?


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,041

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I start in the middle and alternate each side - working both sides from the middle out, and I use only one layer of
perle cotton.  I usually wax my noses (well, the bears' noses - and I only have one nose) and the wax provides a lot of dimension.

Little Bear Guy Little Bear Guy
Waterloo, Ontario
Posts: 1,395

This is a good question,  when we stitch a nose the first thing we do is cut out the shape of the nose we want with some sticky felt (you can get this in most craft stores).  We cut three pieces, one being large or about the size of the finished nose, the next one is smaller and then the last one is smaller again.  We stack those so that that the largest one is on top when you place it against the gusset.  We start in the middle of the nose and the first stich is pulled fairly tight (it will look like a butt crack  bear_grin ).  From the middle we go to one side and then over to the other side and then over the entire nose one more time. It doesn't take a lot of time and it will give you a bigger nose (if you like that, the sticky felt just saves you a lot of time and your spending an hour or so trying to build up the nose to a good size. 

Plus I like to wax my noses  but let me tell you NO ONE waxes a nose as well as Sue Ann does  her noses are an artform all unto themselves.

I hope what I wrote made sense.

big hugs


chrissibrinkley Posts: 1,836

I do most of my noses exactly like Shane describes, except for the sticky felt...that's a really great idea! bear_original   Doing the graduated sizes like he describes creates a gentle slope when your stitching your you don't get to the side of the nose and suddenly have a "ledge" to stitch up somehow.  Some noses I don't use the extra "lift" for, like when I'm going for a more old style nose for example.  For minis I'll do one little lift under the template.
I haven't waxed a nose yet.  I seal them for a little bit of a wet look (healthy noses bear_grin ).

I just got a copy of Australian Bear Creations and Sandi's (bearlysane) nose "how to" is in there...excellent tutorial with clear pics!! Check it out if you can bear_thumb


Jane Perala Jane Perala Designs Ltd.
Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Posts: 819

I start at one side and go across "skip" stitching, and then go back and fill in the gaps.  I maybe go back over it a couple of times.  I always use a thin floss, that way you can fix any errors easily.  For bears under 15" I use #8 Perle cotton, and for 15" and over I use #5 - I never use #3 any more, as it is just too thick, and too easy to make errors that can't be fixed.

matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

Well for me its really easy...I just use my felting needle to needle two holes on their bill and presto  one breathable nose !! bear_grin
Other wise its two rows of embroidery and I wax the beggers. If I'm doing a rectangle I go from the middle to one side the proceed to the other and repeat for the next layer.  If I'm embroidering a triangular nose where the threads all have the same entry and exit point, I  place a thread either side alternately. Then wax.
I prefer the needle felting. Its why I got into in the first place . To felt noses. Other than my Puddle bills I havent felted one YET.......

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

I start in the middle...I do one side..then back to the middle and do the other...then start all over again with up to 4 layers depending on the look I am after. I use the thinnest perle cotton I can...I like the sheen you get with the thinner stuff. I put a thin coat of p.v.a on the layers to hold the threads  firm...( Oh no..not the dreaded glue!!!LOL) I just find I get a smoother finish that way...I got the technique from Ted Mentens book and it works well for me....
Sometimes I wax...sometimes not...

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Oh no not GLUE!!!!!!!!!! LOL Sorry Jenny, I just had to.  bear_grin  bear_tongue  bear_whistle  bear_wacko

I also start in the middle and do one side, then another. I find I do 2 or 3 layers just to fix my mistakes. Maybe that's why I sculpt my noses instead.

Wendy, you're funny!

Okay Question why do you bother to embroider the noses if you're going to wax over them? Doesn't the wax cover the floss anyway? I guess if the wax ever chips off years and years later, it would be nice and finished. But couldn't you wax just over the felt? I must be missing something for sure. I've never waxed a nose and hardly embroider one anymore either.

Good question Jane

greatwon2 AlmostBears
Posts: 332

i stitch my noses anyway they'll stay on and look ok bear_tongue  bear_grin
about the waxing felt question......i've never tryed but what happens when you wax over the thread is that the wax soaks into the thread and sortof hardens it and holds it all together - in place(which is the attraction for me bear_grin ) i spose it would depend on how the felt was attatched to the bear, if it was just glued - the whole thing might fall off.Maybe if the felt was sewn onto the bear, hmmmmm........but then you may as well just embroider the nose, it would be the same amount of effort bear_tongue  bear_grin i might have to try it, just to see what happens bear_tongue

I didn't answer your question at all - did i?...sorry bear_whistle

All Bear All Bear by Paula
Posts: 5,162

Plumduffeye.jpgI start in the middle, coming out through the gusset first.  Then I work to the right, then back from the centre to the left.  I use the weave of the fabric as my guide ... if your nose gusset is sewn in good and centrally and cut squarely across the weave, you should be able to use the tiny holes in the weave as a guide for your needle.  Mind you, you need good eyesight and decent lighting!  I always sew two layers and like to use either Perle No.5 or dmc embroidery threads if I want pretty, muted colours.  Sometimes I wax, sometimes I don't ... it depends on whether I think it will suit my bear or not.

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

I do it two ways:

1. One layer of felt, in a color that matches my perle cotton and in the shape I want the nose to be or

2. I needle felt the desired shape of the nose onto the muzzle then embroider over that. This method is what I use most often now. It gives the ability to build the nose up as big as I want to with the ability to do unique shapes. I needle it quite firm but it'll still have just enough give to help hold the stitches in place w/o GLUE!  bear_tongue

I always use #3 .... the thickest.... goes faster, fills in nicely and I never have a problem... at least never one that, with a few more stitches, I can't fix!

With a needlefelted base

With a felt template

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