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NewelleyBears Newelley.Bears
Harrow, Ontario
Posts: 284

Hey Guys And Gals...

     I was thinking about ordering a yard of Intercal's weekly special, but when I go to checkout, it says shipping and handling will be charged after order is processed.  I would like to know what they usually charge onaverage, because if it's gonna cost a ton for shipping, I don't know if Iwill order a full yard.  Any Canadians who have ordered from Intercal before able to help a fellow out?



Little Bear Guy Little Bear Guy
Waterloo, Ontario
Posts: 1,395

Good question Jeremy,  I haven't ordered for awhile from Intercal so I'm not 100% sure but if your just ordering a yard I would dare to say it will be $10-$20.00 for shipping.  Don't forget the duty and the taxes on top of that as well,  sometimes it slides through and I think we have only ever had one shipment come through that wasn't charged the duty. 

There's the duty , plus the $5.00 canada post will charge for paperwork, plus the PST and the GST so add another 30% on top of the original cost of the fabric and the shipping.  Sometimes it's not a deal when you add everything else on top of it  bear_grin .  Some others may be able to give you a better ball park figure on the shipping, as I said I don't order a lot from the US anymore unless they are giving the mohair away  :crackup:  :crackup: .

big hugs


Jane D. Teddies to Treasure
Midland, Ontario
Posts: 201

Hi Jeremy-A couple of things come to mind here.I am here in Ontario on Georgian Bay.When I've ordered from Intercal, I usually order about 4 one quarter pieces totalling just over $100.I use Intercal's coupon #7 which takes $5.00 off Canadian shipping.As the box is fairly small it passes through customs as it is marked samples.There is another approx.$7.00 for shipping.Keeping in mind that we have to pay in Canadian dollars-so the price is slightly higher.I use a Visa so it is adjusted when the bill comes in.All in all,I find it very reasonable.I have lots of mohair for sale from my stash( lots os 3/8 sparse distressed,3/8 sparse ratty, and other long 1 and1/2")I am downsizing my supplies-if there is anything you may be interested in just pm me! No exchange, no expensive shipping and I charge just what I paid for it!Do I sound like a sales person? bear_grin Hope this helps Jeremy. Sincerely Jane D.

Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,536

I don't find the shipping to bad and we order quite a bit of stock from Intercal. 

If you are only ordering 1 yard I wouldn't think the shipping would be anymore than $15US. I could be wrong but you might have to just order and see what happens.  You are of course going to be charged customs and GST/PST.  Maybe e-mail them and ask  what the costs would be, they probably mail to Canada all the time and would know approx costs.


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