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carsoncreations Carson Creations
Macomb, IL
Posts: 252


I can't find the words to express how I feel about your loss.  It is just the most terrible thing.  You have shown me how bad things in life can be dealt with by sharing with others and allowing them to help you through it.  I pray it gets easier each day for you to remember the good times you shared with your loved ones.  In this way, they will always be with you.

I lost my father a few years ago and realized how much I loved and needed him.  My world came apart, and I eventually suffered a breakdown.   One day while driving to work in his truck, I looked over at the passenger seat and there was Dad!!  He was just sitting there riding along with me... It's hard to explain, I couldn't really see him, but I KNEW he was there.  I smiled in his directon and had the most wonderful feeling of peace and comfort.    I can't explain it, I just thank God I had the experience.  Now I think of all the good and fun times we had together and Thank God for those wonderful memories.

God Bless You and comfort you in your sorrow.


Delartful Bears Delartful Bears
Posts: 3,518

Oh Judi,

I haven't replied until now, because I had no idea what to say, (I still don't)  Just know that you and your family are in many people's thoughts (including mine) all around the world.

YOu are a beautiful strong woman, and your sister would be so proud of you.

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Bless you.  All of you. I can't tell you what all of your kinds words mean to me, but it runs very deep.  I really needed this.

When you think of your loved ones that have crossed over and you feel goose bumps (like I am right this moment) I believe it is those loved ones trying to show us that they are with us.  It is such a wonderful feeling.

A neighbor of ours lost her husband in a farming accident.  This was a few years ago when I first started making bears.  I did not know what to say.  It was aweful for her.  He was struck in the head by a hay bailer.  Anyway, I made her a little mink bear and took it over to her.

Another friend of ours lost thier 6 year old son two years ago.  His father was picking him up from a Saturday CCD class and was parked across the street.  His little boy saw him and excitedly ran across the road to hug his daddy.  A big red pick up truck slammed into him killing him in front of his father.   The teenage driver just kept going and did not return to the scene of the accident.  Aweful aweful aweful..... I made his mom a mink bear which she keeps in a curio cabinet with some of her son's treasured things.

What else can we do?  It feels so good to be able to give a tiny itty bit of love to someone in need by giving them a bear and showing them you care.  Using your talent to help matter how big or small......well....doesn't it make it all worth while...being in this business?

Would love to hear any other stories.  I think they are very inspirational.

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