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DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Okay, so I'm partway through a bear (who's been in limbo land for a very, very long time, poor thing) and the other night I was playing with it.  I've done trapunto pawpads, pretty much identical to Harvest's who's in my avatar.  The problem came when I tried to get she/he to stand up.  Poor thing couldn't do it.  It would sway, pause, sway, and then topple over backwards on its bum. 

Sooooo I love my puffy toed trapunto pawpads, but can any of you others get your bears to balance on those puffy toes?  If it was a flat pad, I wouldn't be having this problem.   bear_ermm

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Well, my Heart & Sole series have heart shaped trapunto foot pads and stand up fine even with out much of a 'heel'. I weight the heck out of them though.... feet and bum or belly... where ever they need the counter balance. I also stuff the feet while putting the footpad down on a table... this works for flat pads but seems to help with the trapunto'd feet too for some reason.

Not sure I've been much help.  bear_noexpression

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

You know Daphne, I was just playing with the last pair that I did the trapunto pads on....the Valentine pair under my avatar....and they've got heartshaped soles, and stand just peach too. 

So I did a little more feeling about on this chap's leg and discovered the leg pattern I'd used wasn't the straight one  :doh:  :redface:   I'm feeling the idiot now.  Its one that curves a bit at the back, so makes standing a bit hard for the bear to begin with, but it shows off the footpads better.  Its been long enough that I'd forgotten I'd chosen that to better show off his footpads.   bear_whistle   Yes, Debbie, there's a reason not to let so much time lapse between finishing your bears...  :doh:  :redface:

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