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DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Right, I'm hoping some clever person can help to tidy these up a bit.  I'm not that great at sharpening the images.  I've taken photos of the original photos...and I have to say, some of the original photos weren't that great to begin with.  But the originals are now winging their way to Oz in hopes of helping the insurance company. 

"Dazzle"  16 inch, non jointed dark chocolate sheared beaver with dark chocolate velour pawpads and nose.  Bright red holly leaves collar and headpiece.

"Sage" 16 inch Lynx (from a recycled vintage Canadian fur coat) with tan ultrasuede pawpads and nose. Wears a single gold jingle bell.

"Eldon LeBruin" 7 inch fox, tan ultrasued nose and pawpads, five way jointed with hardboard locknut joints.  Wears a red/blue glass seahorse pendant.  Extensively handscissored face.

"Deirdre'' 17 inch raccoon non jointed design.  Tan ultrasuede pawpads and nose, purple bow at ear, faux pearl necklace.

"Mheena'' 16 inch lynx (from the same coat as Sage) with tan ultrasuede pawpads and nose.  Wears a yellow/blue glass seahorse pendant and has a pink bow. 

They may or may not still be wearing the original tags I created for them, giving info on fur, when they were created etc.  If you think you've seen these bears, or think you may have them, PLEASE contact me!!!  You can reach me via pm or at  Would really love to reunite them with their collector.   :hug:  :hug:  :hug:

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Thanks for the photos Deb.  Hopefully at some point these bears will surface bear_sad

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

:hug:   Thanks Judi!!  I'm really hoping the more these babies are out there, the better chance of them being found  bear_thumb   My friend isn't so much concerned about the money, she's positively gutted   having lost her babies.   bear_cry  bear_cry  bear_cry  bear_cry  bear_cry   Both of us are hoping by getting their pictures out there, that they might be found.  They are very distinctive, so there's hope yet that they may come home.

All I can say, is that whoever took them, had better cough up.  If I was in Australia now, I'd be on their case a020.gif

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