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Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

OK, I've been telling you (well, perhaps bragging just a bit) about the fact my Dad has started knitting teddy bears. After a demonstration on how to attach the limbs, stuff, insert eyes and embroider the nose he quickly decided he didn't want to do the finish work and left that up to me.  Here we are at work about a month ago on the very first bears. Notice the little dark creature in the foreground of the first photo watching us.

Dad__Me_being_watched.jpg  Dad.jpg


And here are the first three completed critters.....

This one I quickly learned NOT to use white stuffing on a dark colored bear and discovered just how stretchy a knitted bear is! Poor fella! Oh, and mom knit his scarf!!

This bunny is made of alpaca yarn, he was felted after he was knit. I'm thinking perhaps his nose/mouth would look better if the nose was outlined in gray and his mouth also in gray. Yes, he's got a big bouffy tail made of yarn like his hair! I made him a carrot but forgot to include it in his photos... oops!

And here is a little 5 inch guy, also of felted alpaca.

We're both still learning... well, me especially..... how to work with knitted body parts! Sooo different from mohair.

I WILL be selling some of his bears....... just have to decide which ones I'll part with..... I'm feeling very sentimental about them.

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Nice Work, Daphne's Dad!!! Wonderful sense of whimsey and proportion. Congrats.

Daphne, may I ask how you seamed the pcs tog? Or did Dad do that part? In particular, Brownie's seams. I have a series of photo on the Mattress/Ladder St, which actually forms more like a Z than an H. It's from my early knitting days and was refined when I worked on my Teaching qualification for APNR (Amer Professional Needlework Retailers)
I looked in our library but there's nothing on Seaming.
Perhaps if I post the series in the Tips & Techniques, someone with the powers-if-posting can put them into the Library?


2 of the dozen images on the Mattress/Ladder St.

KJ Lyons KJ Lyons Design
Seattle, WA
Posts: 1,413

Congratulations! to you both! I've never seen anything like them and I've been in teddy bears for a long time (we won't get into how long ;-) Just amazing  bear_thumb
KJ Lyons Design

Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
Posts: 3,653

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Oh Daphne they are adorable!!!  bear_wub   I think Pistachio is my my favorite...  bear_wub

KiddoBears KiddoBears
Posts: 851

Learning! Wow!  Of course you have to feel sentimental, they are created by your created loving soul hands,  Your most important treasure "Your Wonderful Special DaD"
If you call that learning Wow! what will they be like when you do learn :crackup:  Just kidding. bear_original
Your Dads Bears came out just beautiful, bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub awsome,just adorable with expressions. bear_thumb  bear_thumb If your are just learning I sure would like to be by your side to learn with you! bear_wub  bear_wub

Gijzette Elfin Bears
Mount Dora FL
Posts: 1,507

Wow Daphne your Dad really has a talent for this. I think Pistachio is my favorite.


Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Bobbie - yeah, those seams drive me a little crazy too. But when I looked in the pattern book he's using some of the bears in there by the preofessional pattern writer herself have very noticeable seams.

Karen, Laura, Mary & Gijzette.... thank you!!
Wait til you see the next two I'm finishing up!! Another bunny..... even cuter than the first in my opinion!

Melbear Melbear's Quality Collectibles
Spruce Grove, Alberta
Posts: 527

They are sooo cute!


Little Bear Guy Little Bear Guy
Waterloo, Ontario
Posts: 1,395

Daphne, they are fantastic.  The bunny is my favourite and that's not to say the others aren't good, I just like the whimsical look of the bunny.  Tell your dad he has done a fantastic job, and hope he is able to make many many more for our enjoyment.

big hugs


rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Does Pistachio have NFing details, too, on his toesies?

Does Dad follow patterns or make up his own?

But when I looked in the pattern book he's using some of the bears in there by the preofessional pattern writer herself have very noticeable seams.

Oh, yuck. That IS too bad.....

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,739

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap: Excellent work Daphne and Daphne's Dad (your mom, too) - those are the cutest little ones!  Is the dark creature in the foreground of the first pic one of the Cairns?  Love him/her, too!  I would certainly be reluctant to sell your dad's critters, too, if I were in your shoes.  He produced some wonderful, extra special work.  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

Marlys Waggle Bears
So Cal Desert
Posts: 4,089

They're wonderful, Daphne. I love each one, though the bunny is very cute. I would say I see a bit of your look in them, too.

It will be hard to part with any of them, I'm quite sure.

Love seeing the pictures of you and your dad togther.

Lisa q.D.paToOtieS
Near Fredericksburg, VA
Posts: 1,349

I like them all but especially Rusty!  The multi-colored paw pads really give him character.  Tell your dad he did a great job as did you Daphne.  I wouldn't be able to part with any of them to tell you the truth!

matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

The teddies are wonderful but that Rabbit is just gorgeous I absolutely adore him.
Tell your Father BRAVO from me.  :dance:

Dilu Posts: 8,574

Bravo to the incredible family; they are wonderful, both in the creativeness and the workmanship

I marvel that you could part with even one of them, as they are so cute and so well done.  Daphne it was a brilliant move on your part to help your dad get started on creating these treasures.


Bearalive Bearalive
Posts: 791

BRAVO!! :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  They are GREAT!!! bear_wub
Bear Hugs.
Gladys bear_flower

K Pawz Guest

Awesome job!!! they are adorable!!! WOW!!


bearsbybeesley bears by beesley TM
Tofield Alberta Canada
Posts: 6,818

Absolutely outstanding! Blessings to all of you!

Hugs Louise

Swan Valley Bears Swan Valley Bears
Penn Valley, CA
Posts: 1,845

Daphne, your dad ROCKS ! ! ! ! ! !

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb

Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

Thank you, thank you!! bear_flower  bear_flower

Dad's name is Frank. Some of you met him at the Maine show last year... his name is no secret... don't why I never told you all! Though he's very happy to go by "Daphne's Dad"!

Sue Ann - yes, that's Dandy, one of the two cairns.

I just finished the littlest guy yet. More pictures tomorrow!! bear_grin

kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

What a wonderful Collaboration!! The bears are adorable but must say the bunny is stunning!!

Gail Bear With Me Enterprises
Posts: 1,319

WOW they are just fantastic and I must say my favourite is also the bunny. Kudos to you and your Dad on a project well done and hope he keeps up the good work!!!!
bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb  bear_thumb

patsylakebears Patsy Lake Bears
Posts: 3,442

Wonderful Wonderful work Frank and Daphne they are all lovely but the Bunny has it for me. Can't wait to see the others :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador



Daphne you have one tallented dad there. What wonderful little creations, I love all of them but just like so many others, that bunny is my favourite.

Hugs to both of you. Keep up the good work.

Hugs, Jane.  :hug:  bear_thumb  :hug:  bear_thumb  :hug:  bear_thumb  :hug:  bear_thumb

Jack&Lilia Jack & Lilia
Posts: 3,488

Adorable little knitted guys  bear_wub  bear_wub  what talent your family has  bear_thumb  don't sell them until you're sure wouldn't want to regret it afterwards......and do make more bunniies!  bear_wub
Hugs to you all Lynne  :hug:
ps love Jane's certificates!  bear_thumb
ps Daphne did you felt the knitting before stitching the pieces together?

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