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DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Okay, so this is totally not professional of me, but a gal sent me her mink teddy bear that had been mangled by her daughter's dog.  It was horrific and we'll not post the pic again  bear_cry   Heart ruled out, and I'm recreating a head for her teddy bear.  Actually its been a fun challenge for me, as I've never done this before.

I have the costs of the mink fur that I'll be using to recreate the head with, but I'm a bit stumped as to what to charge for the repairs??  I'm assuming it will be quite a lot less as I'm not creating an entire bear.  Has anyone done repairs before?  What did you charge?  Many thanks  :hug:

Gail Bear With Me Enterprises
Posts: 1,319

Hi Debbie
Figure out how much you want per hour and keep track of the number of hours it takes you to do it. I would say a minimum of $10.00 per hour as least

DebbieD Posts: 3,540

Thanks Gail  bear_flower

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