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If you were one of the many international artists designing miniatures, who sold some of your work to the Director of the museum. you might want to see the 2 larger, 300 res images that my friend, Rosey Day sent today. A customer of hers took these 2 pictures.
I sold about 5 (I'd have to consult my records as I don't remember the number from 8 years ago...) but recognize only 1 of mine or possibly 2... as shown here. The again, her client wasn't taking individual shelf pix.

Rosey said it's a bit like playing Where's Waldo/Wally? !!

Our discussion concerned the ethics involved in having sold many to the Swiss Puppenhaus museum, but never having seen any of them on display, so we were unsure (at least, in my case) if it's common practice to purchase at a discount but are destined for the gift shop inventory or the owners' private collection. This leads to a larger discussion of giving a -50% discount to a 'shop' owner who may be taking advantage of a wholesale account, to purchase for one's own collection.

I do see a number of recognizable work by friends. If you'd like to see the larger res & kb images, LMK and I'll forward the 2 I have.




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