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JeannieB JeannieB Bears
Greensboro NC
Posts: 1,183

Hi all,
    Silly question here.    :redface:    Is the size of a miniature measured when sitting, or standing?
  I usually say my "giant" bears are 14" sitting and 16" standing. I guess I truly don't know how to measure, exactly bear_whistle

           JeannieB bear_original

chris009av Real Deal Bears
Posts: 2,234

HI Jennie, it should go by the measurement of the miniature when it is standing. 
That is how it is usually measured for shows.
I do see on occassions people putting a bear on ebay with the size of the bear sitting, but they do say that in the text. 
So if you see "3" Miniature Bear" advertised, it should be the measurement of it standing if not stated otherwise.

Amanda Pandy Potter Bears
Staffordshire, UK
Posts: 1,864

I'd agree, standing. That said I always like to take a photo of the bear in the palm of my hand, it helps to show how small it is. Not a silly question though, as I see some artists using the seating measurement as well.

JeannieB JeannieB Bears
Greensboro NC
Posts: 1,183

Thank you Christine and Amanda.  bear_original    I am still tinkering with my pattern trying to get it proportioned the way I want it to look.   It's hard for me to conceive cutting a whole bear from a 9'' x 9'' square! Good thing I got two of them bear_grin

           JeannieB bear_original

mingrul Our Blue Iguana
Posts: 233

hi jeannie,

standing also for me, but what i see most artist would do is they would state the size when sitting and standing to get an idea. When you take picture, it would be nice if you can maybe use objects beside your bear to give people an idea how big or small it is...

example, you may use quarter coin to show that your bear is the height of a quater coin or maybe Orea cookies!  bear_grin yummy! something universal. I remember buying ingrid bears, i know it was pretty small, but when i got it, it was smaller than i imagine. but i still love it :hug:

good luck! bear_original

PeachtreeCottage Peachtree Cottage
Posts: 527

I'm a bit late in responding to this because I've been away dealing with personal stuff for a couple of months, but....

The Thread Artist Guild (R) uses standing measurement to measure a bear, from bottom of feet to top of head (not counting ears).  The sizing that we have developed after extensive research within the industry is as follows:

Micro - Under 2 inches tall standing
Miniature - 2-6 inches tall standing
Small - 6-12 Inches tall standing

Since we only deal in small and miniatures we didn't go beyond 12 inches however our research showed:

Medium - 12-24 inches tall standing
Large - 24-36 inches tall standing
Ex-Large - over 36 inches tall standing

Hope that helps give you some guidance.


JeannieB JeannieB Bears
Greensboro NC
Posts: 1,183

360-mink-blk.bear-03.jpg360-mink-blk-bear-02.jpg360-mink-blk-bear01.jpgHi Mary,
     Never too late! Thank you for the size chart.
   I made a bear from a black mink jacket. She  is 6", a miniature! My first time! She has wire armature and miniature joints. I really got a good taste of how difficult it is to sew and turn these little miracles!  I truly admire the artists who create the "little ones" :clap:
         JeannieB :)
PS I did not make the tiny bear! Sorry about the pics...I've never been able to take good pictures of black bears! :photo:

BearBottoms 'Bear' Bottoms Originals
Ft. Bragg, NC
Posts: 2,465

WOW!  Congrats, Jeannie!  She is tooooo CUTE!  Oh yeah, my sister tried to take my big pink crocheted bear you made me... she said she loved her... I told her 'NO WAY!!' She said that that bear just made her feel happy inside, and I told her I knew, it makes me feel the same way, so sorry!!! bear_original  I almost had to put up a fight, Jeannie!  bear_original

JeannieB JeannieB Bears
Greensboro NC
Posts: 1,183

Aww...Kimberly :redface:  Thanks for telling me that!! Made my day..... I love that bear, too!
She was special because I was making her for you!  bear_flower   I am very proud of my
"BearBottoms" bear, Alexander!!!!
   I have tried to crochet some....but; after 25 years of it, my hands and arms ache.  bear_sad I'm not used to it anymore!

         JeannieB bear_original

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