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Black Forest Bears Haus of Bears, Inc.
Posts: 311

MVC-368F.JPGMVC-477F.JPGMVC-546F.JPGWhat other Hobbies do you have besides Bearmaking?
I startet Painting, here are some samples


Carolynn Teenytinyteddybears
Posts: 444

I love your paintings. A while ago we had the " living with a bear artist" thread going and I so wished I could draw. well I can but do small botanical stuff mostly. I could see some of the coments "in cartoon".  I love beading. And still have a great love for dress making. Sure you can find cheap clothing but sometimes just feel like something different.

MerBear MerBear Originals
Brockville, Ontario
Posts: 1,540

Love your paintings...especially the first one - I can just see that print up on the wall in my kitchen!

I also enjoy knitting and used to make a lot of clothing but not so much anymore. Bearmaking has pretty well taken up my spare time.


Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

I love baking and collecting cookbooks. I collect vintage clothing ie: shoes, purses clothes...I adore reading too...

Posts: 1,586

bear_wub Love your paintings.  You sure have talent.  Me, I paint wood and other country crafts, tin punch, clothes pins, material hearts, bag ladies, sewing is a favorite of mine also, now its bears.  Hopefully I will get as good as a lot of artists.

Swan Valley Bears Swan Valley Bears
Penn Valley, CA
Posts: 1,845

While on my bear break, I'm learning to quilt.  My Auntie Sue, who has made over 100 quilts (many have been auctioned for charity) is teaching me.  Here's my first, a baby quilt.  It was supposed to be for my grandbaby, Sullivan, but I'm making another for him.  This one just isn't good enough for Sully.


doodlebears Doodlebears
Posts: 7,414

doodlebears Celebration Ambassador

Well as a lot of you will know I love playing around in Photoshop. Below is one of my altered pictures. It shows my daughter Sarah with David Tennant aka Dr. Who. Sarah is a huge fan.


Hugs, Jane.  bear_flower

Jellybelly Bears Jellybelly Bears
Posts: 4,066

Lovely art work Rita, I used to love those characters from the Muppets  bear_happy 
Jane, tehe, lucky Sarah!  you got the height right too  bear_tongue
I have sooo many hobbies, but a lot have fallen by the wayside...I love photography and photography/web site design, collecting,

melissa Honeythorpe Bears
Wellington, New Zealand
Posts: 1,789

I so wish I could paint and draw but my skills definitely don't lie in that direction.  Your paintings are great Rita  and I love your quilt too  Patty.  Log Cabin is my all time favourite quilt block.

I'm on a bit of a bear making sabbatical at the moment and have been cross-stitching, card making and making clothes for my blythes.  I am having so much fun using a sewing machine and may even extend to making some clothes for myself!!

These are the first Blythe outfits  I sewed - these are really basic - as I hadn't used a sewing machine in years.  I'm working on some new designs to sell on etsy.

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I dabble in graphic design in my off hours, like Jane, and in fact just this week received from various printshops all the paper stuff for my new branding -- hangtags, business cards, and Certificates of Authenticity.


I'm also all about the ATC.  I trade at, mostly, but also on, and am also a member (not active at this time, simply due to time constraints) at  This is a triptych I painted in watercolor a month or so ago, which was split into three separate artist trading cards.


Roxanne Bear Paws by Roxanne
Odessa, Tx
Posts: 917

Wow! What a multi-talented group of gals we have!!
As of late, I have been playing around with wire-wrap jewelry.




Swan Valley Bears Swan Valley Bears
Penn Valley, CA
Posts: 1,845

Roxanne, great jewelry.  I especially  love the clown pendant bear_wub  bear_wub   

I'm noticing  how many bear folk are interested in the Blythe/Pullip/BJD craze (see it on Flickr).   I have a Blythe, 2 Pullips, an MSD (16 inch) BJD and Paulette' Goddard's bunny BJD (she fits Ginny sized clothes).  I haven't started making clothes for them yet, or photographing them.  It's only a matter of time, I guess.

It's not easy to sew little tiny clothes.  More difficult than little bears, I think.  Maybe because the mohair is stiffer than fabric.  Ellen and Melissa, your little clothes are adorable.  Melissa, I'll keep an eye out for your clothes on Etsy.

Shelli, I keep up with your ATC's on Flickr.  Amazing work !!!

wigglesbears Wigglesbears
Posts: 118

It was lovely reading about what other peeps do apart from 'bears', l dabble in card making, ATC's, and do the ocasional knitting too.


EvaJ EJ's Crafts
Fort Mohave, Arizona
Posts: 829

My passion is bears but I also do cows, soft dolls, quilts, doll clothes and almost everything else that can be made on a sewing machine hence the name for my website.  I also knit and crochet but not as much any more as my hands go to sleep when I do it. 


thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,642

I used to do chilfren's portraits on commision and am working on one of my grandson for his mum for Christmas.  I also make christmas ornaments and dabble in jewelry.  I'm not going to post it all again as most have seen my things.  I have some jewelry in my etsy shop, if anyone wants to peek.



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