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Kirsten So. Cal.
Posts: 302

You ladies are TOO much!  :lol:
I've always day dreamed what the ultimate bear would be. You know the dream bear, where all your knowledge and creativity could expertly pour out into a fantastic work of art. Then I open the mohair drawer and my eyes bulge out :rolleyes:, and I forget what I was going to make. Or I envision what a great face the bear will have, and then when I'm done, it is cock-eyed! So I thought if I were a bear, what would I be...

I'm pretty sure at this point I would have a removable head, 'cuz I misplace it so many times, it can't be attached! And I'd have a cute little tail.
I loved all your descriptions, it would be great if we could create our "bear-selves"

Winney Winneybears and Friends
White City, Oregon
Posts: 1,103

Oh Kirsten...what a perfect name to call it...our  "bearselves" that is an idea that could catch on here...Winney

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