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West Coast
Posts: 24

Hi everyone! It seems that when I put the eyes on my bears, etc, I seem to get an angry look.  bear_angry   I have been trying to use larger sized eyes and to trim away some of the hair around the eyes. Perhaps It's just not enough. Anyone else have this problem? I am wanting a "cuter"  bear_smile   look rather than angry. It's mostly a problem with longer pile fabrics. The pile falls over the eye and creates a line that looks like frown lines. I know for designing cartoon characters, for a cute look, you make huge eyes and put them further apart.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

patsylakebears Patsy Lake Bears
Posts: 3,442

I was going to say try putting them further apart, but maybe your already doing that. Try shading around the eyes that might give them a softer look. Maybe others will have other ideas

Marlys Waggle Bears
So Cal Desert
Posts: 4,089

Could you post a photo of your bear. Maybe it would help to see what you're talking about.

Melisa Nichols Melisa's Bears
Hazelton, BC
Posts: 5,811

I find on my bears a lot depends on how you trim the fur... if you look at this mad face emoticon bear_angry you can see that there are definite lines making a V shape between the eyes.... if the fur ends up being longer in this area, it will make the bear look angry... however, if the lines are stronger on the outside of the eyes it makes the eyes look sadder.  I hope this helps  :hug: ... hard to explain in words!

Roxanne Bear Paws by Roxanne
Odessa, Tx
Posts: 917

Hi ya Darlin, Just a thought here.... I was wondering, by the looks of your picture you do bunnies, right? Ummm, when you insert your eyes, do you pull the string from one eye to the other and back? Do I make any sense? If so it makes me wonder by doing this it pulls the eyes somewhat to the side of the head as like a bunny. If maybe starting the needle down by the center back of the neck and going up to one eye and back down to the neck then to the other eye and back to the center neck. It will pull the eyes more inward to the head, and not give an "frown" to the eyebrow.
Hope this helps....  :hug:  :hug:

Laurie Laurie Lou Bears
Posts: 3,246

I always like to try and get an appealing face when I make my bears but there is always the odd one or too that come out with a grumpy face.I try everything including different size eyes etc but I cannot change the expression on their face.I always think to myself "was I in a grumpy mood the day I made this one and it ended up being reflected in the bears face" bear_grin  bear_grin  bear_grin
It always amazes me in the time that I have been making bears how different artists bears look by just looking at their bears eyes and the expression in them.I don't really have any advice to offer but thought I would let you know that you are not the only one that has trouble with grumpy faces.Sometimes the bears just have minds of their own and you can do what you like with them but they just want to be grumpy bear_whistle
Laurie :hug:

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