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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn

KJ Lyons KJ Lyons Design
Seattle, WA
Posts: 1,413

Thank you! For bringing back Nanova! I know it sounds a little silly but I can't create an animal if I don't feel as if I can see through their eyes, really understand their feelings? I have been thinking about what animal I should branch out and create besides cats? I don't know why, but I have always felt that Polar bears are very soulful. It's strange because I don't really feel that strongly about other bears. I think one reason is because I find it so amazing that so large a mammal with tremendous calorie needs, can survive in what is equivalent to a desert, the Artic, and at such cold temperatures! So I have decided to add to my Polar bear family.
KJ Lyons Design
OK, I'm up this late/early because I went out for my Birthday and can't get to sleep. Little kid all excited  :bday:

Merry-Go-Bears Merry-Go-Bears
Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 253

Oh My!... He's amazing... He looks so real!~  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

bearfacedlies Charlotte Deadman
Somerset/Devon border, England
Posts: 128

Inspirational work.  Absolute quality.

Posts: 21

Wow! is all I can write.  Just beautiful.

Birgitta's bears Uppsala, Sweden
Posts: 796

Amazing wonderful adorable gorgeous polar bear you had made!
Stunning piece of real artwork!


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