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fredbear Fred-i-Bear
Posts: 2,243

Not much time to approach every one, so doing a post here.

Anyone interested in letting me have a bear or two for my shop can you please email me
I have a set amount that can be spent on various items, i.e. shop fitting, advertising, etc, and although I would love to have an Artist Bear from everyone, my budget will be limited.

I am thinking along the lines of having a display with "Artist Bears from around the world" (something like that- anyone with a better idea, please include in mail to me. This in a small way will bring attention to the "Collector Market", giving an artist some extra exposure.

Any ideas, thoughts , advice both good and bad, please let me know.

Puddles are welcome ( hint hint Wendy) bear_rolleyes

A few things, the collector bear market in South Africa is not a very big one, and people still need to be educated about "collector bears". With the 2010 Teddy Bear and Friends Event, this should open a new world to people who never even knew that there was something like a collector bear, and hopefully with all the International visitors to South Africa for the FIFA world cup, it should also give exposure to bears worldwide.

In my bear travels around the globe, I have seen the decline in many popular bear shows, of course this is due to present economy conditions, sales being made via other options, Ebay, home pages, however some shows tend to still do well.

Working closely with my colleague in Taiwan, I see continual growth in the "teddy bear market" in Taiwan. YZ works non stop on promoting the bears in Taiwan, and together we come up with ideas to keep the focus on the teddy bear world. Some new exciting ideas are in the pipeline, and post will be going out soon to inform all what we are working on.

I suppose the moral of the story is , if you sit back and do nothing, nothing will happen, do something and something will happen.


Carolynn Teenytinyteddybears
Posts: 444

Hi Lynette

What about taking stuff on consignment. You get your shelves full and people get exposure??? Good luck with your shop :hug:

matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

I emailed Lynette.

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
Posts: 2,044

Lynette, you are a one-woman powerhouse in your own right! Thx for giving others another venue!

A few thoughts... mostly off the top of my head and on timing.
Is there a window of time that you're looking at?
Is this an ongoing offer or a one-off?
Will the bear(s) be a visitor and returned at the end of a contract period of time (as in 'On Consignment') or will your shop have bought it as wholesale?

Bestest hugs for your tireless work, especially in continuing to open up and bridge the gap between the European/US and the Asian markets,

fredbear Fred-i-Bear
Posts: 2,243

Wendy- not sure where your email is- its taking a world trip first before getting to me, perhaps send again please.

Bobby-Initially I would like 1-2 bears on a consignment basis. I would like to keep them till end of July 2010, if not sold by then, remember I am introcuding a new idea" bears are made around the world, do cost $$$$ and yes people do collect them,"
I know stetching that till July is long, but as SA is hosting the 2010 FIFA world CUP, we are expecting 5 million visitors during that period. With hosting the teddy bear show bears that have not sold will be displayed then.

However, I would want to buy and pay as I order- much easier for all parties involved this way, but the initial expesne of setting up, time frame I ahve till opening, means I must take whatever help I can get right now.

I would ask for a "wholesale price" otherwise with my mark up- it will for sure price the bear right out of the market.

Ideas of renting a shelf- something that help get me started in the bear selling market worked well
, I rent a shelf for a nominal fee in the UK, and then the bear was sold at my price, without the shop putting on their mark up- Ideas ??????????????

Paypal would be the best way to pay artists as most artists have this set up. Although i live in SA, I do have a pay pal account allowing funds in and out.

A brief idea- and here I have to see if it will work, is to somehow have a world globe setting, within a shelf scheme, the international bears would then be slotted into the country they originate from. At the same time, there will be an artist wall gallery, with info on each bear artist, contact details  etc.
By doing this not only do  I ahve added value and interest to the shop, but again the focus in on teddy bears, which at the end of the day means we are not letting teddy bears  disappear.

These are my thought, and I welcome any suggestions, ideas etc.

Again with hosting the 2010 show, I again ask for help, what works what does not work, helped with taiwan, but its the first time I am doing it in South Africa.

Thanks to all who ahve already contacted me.

Another point, being a bear maker- I know exactly the time it takes to make and create, once in my hands, I can assure you I will take full responsibily of your work, should it somehow go walk about or land up in hospital, it would be my risk and the artist will still be paid.


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