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flowersm Fur-Ree Bears and Friends
Posts: 20


I haven't made a bear for many years and thought that I'd like to take it up again and am currently trying to design my own pattern - harder than you think!!!! 

I have become sidetracked somewhat when looking online at a supplier who sells needlefelting kits etc
and am hoping to get a kit for my birthday soon.   

This is going to be a really stupid question I know !!! BUT if I made a teddy bear and wanted to needlefelt the nose how does it attach to the head?  Do you make your basic head shape without eyes and ears etc and then needlefelt the nose onto it and then fix it by ladderstitching or do you actually needlefelt through to the mohair and stuffing so it attaches firmly to head ... confused??  Which isn't hard LOL


susiray Bear-Hands
Algarve, Portugal
Posts: 482

Hi there

i needlefelt my noses, prepare your bear head as normal, when it comes to the nose, start felting the wool first on your foam block then when you have the size and shape you wish then start attaching it directly to the fur. leave loose strands around your nose and this is what you push in the help fix it, then carry on felting to secure. thegood thing about felting if you haven't made the nose big enough then add more felt to your nose until you are happy. it you have gone to big then trim it.

after i have felted my noses i stitch over them. i have just started felting a muzzle and paws and so far enjoying it and happy with my progress.
below are so felting sites and these include free tutorials.

and also if you put youtube how to felt this will bring up lots and you can watch them.

i hope this is helpful have fun


desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

I needle felt noses and whole muzzles directly onto the fabric into the wool underneath ( I stuff the muzzle with wool)  I have a tutorial on my website and blog you could go to either place if you want to see how.  I love felting.

flowersm Fur-Ree Bears and Friends
Posts: 20

Thank you so much - I'm looking forward to getting a kit and having a go.   Just hope I don't injure myself LOL.

It's amazing what people can do.


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