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Rinn Posts: 22

Hi Ladies  bear_original

Was just wondering what bears are marked on in competitions?  What makes up the score card?  What actually makes the best bear?  Or does it all come down to the personal opinion of the judges?

Rinn Posts: 22

Have had quite a few views.  Can't anyone point me in the right direction?

puca bears puca bears
Posts: 1,934

Hi Rinn
would be nice if we all knew the answer to your question! I have entered a fair few competitions, and they are all far, the only one I know which actually gives you a "score card" is the Euro Teddy, here in Germany. They give points for all sorts of categories covering workmanship - down to fine details , like if you have used a sewing thread which matches the fur colour, whether you have stuffed the limbs equally etc.........and then go on to the "look" of the bear - and if they don't like your style - tough!
Basically - you make the BEST bear you can, and then cross your is NOT an exact science!
The thing to keep in mind is that you will never know unless you DO enter..........and good luck!

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