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Sherroy Sarchie
Posts: 192

Hello all

I was just wondering if anyone has a good pin cushion design? My internet is slow at the moment so I have not been able to go back through all the posts to see if anyone has one on here. If someone could assist me that would be great. I hate leaving my pins all over my desk and would like to have a speacial one that I have made.

Cheers all

Sarchie Bears

lovenshire Love and Cuddle Nursery
Posts: 945

Sherroy, I made a pin cushion for my Granddaughter that I loved.  I want to make one for my self now...
I had a small antique milk glass egg cup, pretty porcelain cups work great too; I bought a "tomatoe" pin cushion that fit it perfectly.  I measured the circumfrance or the pin cushion and fouond a plate that size.  I used a beautiful piece of rose chincz and cut a circle the size of the plate out.  Cut the berry off the pin cushion and take off the "green" part or prepare another one.  Gather the edge of the circle of fabric and fit it around the cushion...stitch it tightly on.  I used the 1/8" ribbon to put around the cushion and stitch it tight at the top.  Push the string of the strawberry through the green part and glue it over the top where the ribbons are affixed.  After your cushion is complete, run a bead of glue around the cup and insert the cushion tightly.  I hope this makes's really easy once you realize what you are trying to do.

kynthia Posts: 140

you can take a look at these links.. i found them when i was doing my own pin cushion. they are really easy to make too!  bear_grin … shion.html … incushions

Posts: 1,586

:hug:  bear_wub two great sites that should give you some ideas on how to construct a pin cushion.  I also make a chik pik one, it sort of is like a diamond shape object that you fill with plastic pellets and stick the pins in.  Sorry I can't describe it better.  But I think if you take any size can like Tuna, or from the top of hair spray and cover it and put in a puff of material or pellets, it should work.  Let your imagination run away with it and you will have your very own.  I thought the tea cup was a fabulous idea, so easy but yet so elegant. Keep trying. :hug:

kynthia Posts: 140

found another wonderful tutorial for pincusions by berry sprite. … orial.html

rowarrior The Littlest Thistle
Posts: 6,212

Hmm, I've been thinking about making a pincushion of late.  I'd read that sand was the best filling as it kind of resharpened your pins and needles that you stick in there, but still trying to work out how I'd do that lol

lovenshire Love and Cuddle Nursery
Posts: 945

If you want to fill one with sand just use your hacky sack great!

OldRose Old Roses Memories
Posts: 20

Here is a collection of links for beautiful pincushions...all free .

Dreli-Bears Dreli-Bears
Posts: 720

omg so many lovely pin cushions - would love to do some for me - mine is about 5 years old and I would love to change!!!!

Karon Posts: 751

I have just become the for one on Kynthia's pin cushions.

I can vouch for the fact they are really cute!

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