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Sherroy Sarchie
Posts: 192

Hey all

It has been awhile since I last posted, Me an My partner have been living with friends for 4months while our land lord renovated. The house looks fantastic!!!

Anyway I am now back and researching I have been trying to find a copy of Nancy Tillberg's: 101 bears to make but can't seem to find a copy of it anywhere. Does anyone know anywhere I can get a copy of this?


Linda Benson Bears
Posts: 562

Hi Sherroy
I have a copy bear_original

Moo Posts: 26

I too am after a copy of this book, but they are going for silly prices - which I can't afford to pay.  I'm waiting patiently for Nancy to release it on CD!  :dance:

Fallenrose near Cologne
Posts: 478

Hey there,

they should reprint this book, shouldn't they? I wish, I could buy me one...  bear_cry

Hugs, Ariane

Sherroy Sarchie
Posts: 192

They should republish it, from the sounds of it it is a great book and very sort after. I wonder if the publishers know that?

clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066
amber Honey Valley Bears
Posts: 210

I have a copy I paid a crazy price for it but found it was worth it.  It gives some helpful information and breaks things down fairly well.

Hopefully the CD will be out soon.

Andrea Artemis bears
Posts: 191

I'm looking for a copy of this as well it goes for crazy prices on eBay here's hoping the cd will come out

Sherroy Sarchie
Posts: 192

I managed to get a copy, thank you to Linda from Benson Bears  bear_grin . The book is great, better then what I thought it would be... I'm already trying some of the techniques in the book. I would definitely recommend it if anyone is not too sure whether it will be helpful or not. It is a shame the price it sells for though.

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