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kellydean k e l l y d e a n & c o m p a n y
Narrowsburg, New York
Posts: 718

ok, so I couldn't wait any longer and I hit my 'sassy' stache this weekend.  I posted more pics under a seperate thread, but I sure loved working with this stuff.  I can't wait to see what you do with yours, Ellen, I'm sure you'll have a riot!  Bobbie, I'm with you on the sheen/sparkle thing, it's what has kept from trying mini's before.   this stuff is wonderful, although I've learned you can't pluck or trim rooster tail, you've got to trim carefully, and you can't change the fur direction - can you?

this is my first 'sassy' probably not a true mini, as it's 6.5" tall, but the body is only 4" . it's modeled after a male whooping crane.  I used sassy longpile for the body, alpaca for the upper wings and a bit of mink for the black with feathers.  legs, beak, claws and eyelids are sculpted leather.



does anyone have any tips on shaving the seam allowence or flattening seams?  or do ya'll sew so close to the edge that it's not an issue?  I managed to sew the entire body on the machine, with a 3-stich seam allowence, but is that too much?

mingrul Our Blue Iguana
Posts: 233
Pumpkin & Pickle Bears wrote:

I've made miniature bears and some of my mini elephants with the fabric and I just love it to work with. I am currently making a bear from a new pattern from some brown smokey long pile who will be about 6.5-7" and he's looking pretty darned cute at the moment - it just shows that you can make slightly larger bears from it too!

First is Edgar who's arms, legs and head are made from Stephanie's tie-dye blue/green cashmere

This is Sally Sunshine who is made from Sassy long pile.

oh my gosh! they are really cute! I need to get sassy long pile the next time... problem is, when i get my fabrics, each looks so nice and afraid if my stuff did not turn out great, i will be wasting the fabric bear_tongue so... its still in stock! hahahah.... they just look sooo good and find it a waste to use it....  bear_cry

i know i sound so silly... dont know if others feel the same... i do that as well to my art supplies, love them so much and cant bear to use them!  bear_tongue

susiray Bear-Hands
Algarve, Portugal
Posts: 482

Hi Everyone

i have just done my sassy order and yes $200 to make sure i got a good range. i live in portugal and cant get anything here so finding somewhere that does everything and stephanie gave such good customer care and immediate replies to my emails. so overal well pleased thanks to stephanie :clap:

Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

Another HUGE fan of sassy's here, 99% of what I make is with sassy fabric!  The colours and quality is just the best.  I love the feel of the new sassy cashmere from the sample I got - I'll be ordering some of that in my next order for sure  :dance:

katzereow Posts: 1

I am new to bear-maiking too and was trying to find magazines to subscribe to. I have placed 2 orders from Stephanie and I am anxiously awaiting my 3rd!!! I love her site and the fabrics ARE fabulous that I have ordered so far...So, I am a newbie right along with ya but I think with Ms Stephanie at the helm we should be just fine...Just order one of each every time!!! LOL bear_thumb

Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,897

I love Teddy Bear and Friends magazine.  Here is the link:

There are some good books written on miniature bear making. These are great to have to learn the basics: … 473&sr=1-2 … pd_sim_b_1

Though this next books are not for miniatures, it is a good book for designing your own teddy bears and for general making  tips: … 580&sr=1-1 … 713&sr=1-2 … pd_sim_b_2

2catkiss LALand Bears
Posts: 448

From someone who used to work exclusively with mink, this has been a HUGE change.  Just want to say I am "over the moon" about these fabrics.  They are lovely, easy to sew and inspirational.  Sounds funny, but I received a piece of yellow Sassy in a swap recently, and had the BEST time pulling down all my ribbons and accessories, planning the project. 
It's like rediscovering the fun of bear making again.  And my order arrived in 3 days? Super fast. 
I want to order a big pile.....but I think I'll make up the pieces I just ordered and see which one I like best.  So far, the frosteds are my favorites. 

Lee Ann

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