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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
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Black Forest Bears Haus of Bears, Inc.
Posts: 311

My newest Creation with sculptet Mouth. Since Business slowed down a bit, I have more time for my Bears, you think he turned out alright?

Marie_ Kiprie Bears
Yokohama, Japan
Posts: 2,735

Hi Rita,

He is so adorable !!!!!! great work ! :D
Is he looking at stars in the sky ?? So lovely :)
I love to see his face in close up ! if possible....
Did you double joint in the neck ?
  Sorry, I'm so curiouser ...
Thank you for sharing your picture.
Bear Hugs/Marie

Black Forest Bears Haus of Bears, Inc.
Posts: 311

Hi Marie,

yes, I designed a seperate Neckpiece for he can look up or down.
On this picture, you cant really see the sculpted mouth, I am not the best Photograper.
I bought a light tent and all the works with it, but I still cant get the "hang of it"


Marie_ Kiprie Bears
Yokohama, Japan
Posts: 2,735

Rita, your picture is beautiful bear_laugh
He is too cute ! I think I'm going to melt in here..
He has lovely droppy eyes and adorable face
( great work of sculpting !)and cute out fit :)
Thank you for sharing *close up* photo.

Bear Hugs/Marie

Laure Fool's Gold Bears
San Luis Obispo, CA
Posts: 351

Rita, that is the cutest, cutest little bear.  I love his cub-like shape, and his face is just adorable.  You are very talented.

Black Forest Bears Haus of Bears, Inc.
Posts: 311


how do you make your Bear Picture appear on the left side when you post a message?

Marie_ Kiprie Bears
Yokohama, Japan
Posts: 2,735

Hi Rita,

  You must make your avatar and show to us  :D
   Go check the post
*Sticky: Creating your AVATAR by Intercal *
    or there is few other post about
    avatar too so you can check that out :)

    I don't understand the 100% of English but
    I could follow the instruction so I'm sure
    It's super easy for you !

  Good Luck! :cool::):D

Black Forest Bears Haus of Bears, Inc.
Posts: 311

Thank you all,
you guys really make me feel like I am good in Bear making,  but to me, everybody elses Bears are waaaay better than mine.
Even so, I am hooked and still trying to make the "perfect Bear"

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Oh Rita, that bear is absolutely adorable. I love the paws in pockets, too, and the cute overalls.  Really, a wonderfully cute little guy.  Very well done!

Marion Acid Attic Bears
Posts: 2,284

If he turned alright ? He is marvellous !

millie PottersHouse Bears
Posts: 2,173

Cute, cute, cute.

I hope we never make the "perfect bear".  If we do, we will no longer have anything to strive for.

NancyAndFriends Posts: 1,153

Rita...that bear just makes you want to take him home and cuddle him.  He is absolutely adorable.  You have captured the essence of innocence in this one.  Are you ging to list him on ebay?

Eileen Baird'sBears
Posts: 3,873


What a perfect 'little boy' face! Innocent eyes, up-to-something mouth--I love him! :D


Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Rita, my first reaction when I saw him was, I WANT HIM.  I truley do, he is soooo adorable.  Are you going to sell him?

Dilu Posts: 8,574

Aww Rita-your first attempt?  That's what happens when you are a master artist.  Wonderful job, I like the concept of the neck looking up or down- very clever of you lassie.
(my adopted father was Scots, when I was young I always figured he called me lassie cuz he couldn't remember my name, I came to realize that it was a term of endearment.

He is truly a wonderful creation-in the truest sense of the word wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your pictures-hope you still have sun today-cuz we surely don't.  My tomatoes are threatening to mutiny



Patscrafts Originals Michigan
Posts: 15

He's so adorable!!!

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 20,828

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Just REALLY adorable . . . what a sweet little guy.  Wonderful creation and thanks for sharing!!  bear_laugh

Winney Winneybears and Friends
White City, Oregon
Posts: 1,103

LOve him..he really has character , love his cute face and the body shapes come off as a little cubby boy...Winney

bearsbybeesley bears by beesley TM
Tofield Alberta Canada
Posts: 6,818

He is wonderful Rita. I saw him on bear pile and I cannot believe he is still available for adoption. I think the reason for the slow down is the time of year. I am feeling the pinch too. I was feeling all sorry for my self and realized that people have holidays and outside fun on the brain. He wont last and you did a wonderful job!

Hugs Louise

Delartful Bears Delartful Bears
Posts: 3,518

Ooh Rita, I know i'm a little slow, but I just wanted to chime and say great job! He really is great! Now, listen to what the girls are saying, and get some confidence!!!!

huggleybear C.W. Huggley Bears
Statham, GA
Posts: 281

Oh Rita..what an adorable little fellow!!!!

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