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susana fung hong kong
Posts: 304

I have put up some of my bears to sell at Bearpile for 2 months, but i haven't hear any action for adoption, why??
and i am not sure to extend posting bears there???
can anyone give me some advice?
poor bear maker  bear_sad

Jaina Emo Bears
Dudley, West Mids
Posts: 862

Can I first say, I love your bears and would love to own one. The problem for me is I simply cannot afford to buy bears at the moment. Things are tough financially over here in the uk, and they have just been made worse by a rise in VAT (like a sales tax)

Many simply aren't spending, certainly over here.

Hopefully someone with more specific Bearpile advice can offer you some critque. xxx

Dawn J Hugs Unlimited
West Yorkshire
Posts: 310

Susana - your bears are lovely. The global economy is not great at the moment, and sadly this has reflected on a lot of peoples sales. The last two months seem to have been particularly slow. We are in quite a vulnerable business because when times are tough often it is luxury items that go first.

I know that a lot of people don't see bears as luxuries but rather as necessities, they still have to find adoption fees! One way to get things moving again is to have a sale. I know it is controversial to suggest reducing prices, but sometimes it is the only realistic option - particularly if you rely on your bear income to put food on the table.

My personal experience is that Bearpile has a lot of good regular collectors and that even though it may seem slow, suddenly it can pick up. For example, I hadn't sold anything on there for a couple of months and then in the space of a week I sold three bears totally out of the blue.

The other thing I would say about it, is that the monthly fee for unlimited listings is really reasonable. If you want to sell things more quickly, for example on Ebay, you can always put the listings on hold.

I read yesterday that global economies are starting to grow again, so I'm looking forward to 2011 being the year when artists reap the rewards that they deserve.

Hope that helps.


susana fung hong kong
Posts: 304

I'm glad to read your comments, Julia and Dawn.

Julia, please let me know which bear you like, Berries Bears are looking for someone who really love and care them, OK?

Dawn, i appreciate your analytical comments. I 've to think about the positioning of my bears: luxuries versus bear necessities?

In our city, ppl find that big label handbags and clothing items are luxury item, and they are still willing to pay, while they find teddy bear should be around (10-30 pounds) compare to those soft toys in chain store. It's difficult for them to accept the real value of bears.

Secondly, within our living place, even our unemployment rate is not high, we suffer inflation, the price rise alot on our daily products, so our cost of living is really high, it's uneasy to reduce the price...

Back to the bear's world, i wish customers go for quality, buying with a deep thought.
Right now, i still prefer to choose better quality alpaca or mohair to work on, and they are all imported from Australia, Germany and your country Uk.
Those expenditure with the postage fee are all reflected into the selling price of the bear, similar to the tax in your country.

Bear in mind your words, i will still looking forward to the potential collectors there, just not sure whether my bears are their cup of tea?!
Will keep an eye on bearpile these few months.

Did you got any problem of receiving money when you sell at ebay?
I have heard that one can not receive the money after she mail the item out and the credit card information is wrong...


Jaina Emo Bears
Dudley, West Mids
Posts: 862

Hi Susana,

I think it might be worth adding to your work on Bearpile, looking at pictures of your work, I prefer darker more traditionally coloured bears, in browns rather than lighter colours; expanding your choice might help maybe? I think your work is well priced and looks good - unfortunatly it's hard to spend on a bear when everything I earn just about pays my bills.

Your Avatar bear for example is lovely. Other bears I really like on your site are Peachee and Xiaoling

I know what you mean about cost, my work colleagues often admire my work (although I am nowhere near a professional level) and ask how much, so I factor materials and a bit for time and they always say it's too much - they don't understand. I have had people say well I can go elsewhere and get 10, 20 or 30 bears for that much  bear_rolleyes  But there will also always be people that do appreciate your work too.

Maybe put a page on Facebook as well to get your name out there.

And just maybe, I will see you at Hugglets later on in the year! I'd like to go again but need to save up.  :hug:

shiniker Little Leaf Bears by Shanna
Posts: 248

First off, Love your fox, he is really cute. 

I have never sold anything on Bear Pile.  My sales have been through other venues, but I still put them on every so with the hope that someone might see me there.  I agree that the monthly fee is reasonable if you are making sales, but for me spending $15 each month and not having ever sold anything is getting waring.  I've also tried Etsy and have not had success.  My blog has worked out better and I participated in an online show that went well.  Don't be discouraged, your bears are cute and I think many people are having troubles selling bears at the moment.

Good luck!'


susana fung hong kong
Posts: 304

Girls, i will look for other possibilities as you mentioned above. :doh:
See you at Hugglets Sept, 2011 :)

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