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CasaDega Posts: 1

Hello bear_original

As a child of the 1970's/1980s, I had a pretty big collection of Daekor Pot Bellies - the bears, raccoons, etc with the round soft bellies. I recently unearthed a few of my favorites that I'd saved, and that's made me nostalgic for the ones that I didn't. So naturally, I've begun scouring eBay to rebuild my collection bear_original What I'm hoping someone here will know is, is there a complete listing anywhere of all the Daekor Pot Bellies? I've Googled and can't come up with anything. I don't remember all the ones that were available back in the day. As I recall the brown bears, koalas, and raccoons were the "biggies" - I always saw them in stores. I know that I had the koalas and raccoons in four sizes each ranging from 6 to 16 inches, and then I had a few others. I know I had a bunny, an elephant, and a pig, and I believe a brown and white dog? And I could swear there was a hippopatomus which I didn't have but saw in stores with the others. Maybe there were others as well.  Can anyone fill me in?


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