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tobyandgypsy Posts: 1

Hi there, I recently found this Bear named "TEDDY" in the attic. But, I am having difficulty locating where he came from. He has Jointed Legs & Arms and his head Swivels. Leather on his Paws and Nose. A Red leather collar with "TEDDY" engraved onto it. (the Tag appears to be Brass) He is Approx. 20" High.
I've been doing ALOT of research on this Bear ("TEDDY") and he most closely resembles a "RUSS"! Could he possibly be an "ARTIST" Bear? The MAIN thing that Mine Has that others Don't "IS" the UPPER Jowls OR Lips. TEDDY's ARE very Prominent and comes out and over the bottom lips. I haven't seen "ANY" other Teddy Bear that has that Distinctive Feature. You can see this by looking at the Last Picture of Him. He's soooo Adorable! I'd Appreciate "ANY" help on finding out as much about him as I can.

Please check out the pix for "TEDDY".


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