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Past Time Bears - Artist bears designed and handcrafted by Sue Ann Holcomb
Shelli Makes - Teddy bears & other cheerful things by Shelli Quinn

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

036-300x225.jpg002-231x300.jpgI just listed a realistic black bear cub on ebay.  Her name is Alpine. Black bear cubs have a light face when they are born, so she has a light face, and pick nose of a baby.  She is 11" tall, made of mohair.  Her face is needle felted, and then the mohair has been rooted into the felt.  It has allowed me to do most of the shading with the mohair itself.  I have given her open/ sleepy eyes, and removed the neck joint.  I am using a lockline type armature to give her a neck and spine instead.  It allows her to put her head up and down. 

I have added a lot of detail to the description here so that Wubbie Bear can see the bear through the words written.  I hope this helps and you can see her Wubbie.

She is listed on ebay till 7/24 … 8227791972


jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

Stunning workmanship and design! :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

JO BEARS jo bears
Posts: 864

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

bearsofbath Bears Of Bath
Bath, UK
Posts: 2,223

Absolutely amazing Joanne, you're bears are the best I have ever seen and I love seeing your new creations. Alpine is BRILLIANT :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

my-sherri Tanya
St. Petersburg
Posts: 557

This cute bear  bear_wub  bear_wub is very like  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

Lhearn Critters Creations
Posts: 1,303

Joanne Alpine turned out great! I love your bears bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

Thank you all so much for your kind words,  I really appreciate them.


TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

Hi, saw this cutie on Ebay, LOVE it!

boohbears Booh Bears
Glendale, Arizona
Posts: 1,833

She's wonderful, Joanne!  I love the photos of her lying down with her little sleepy eyes!  You have "realistic" down to an art!!! 

wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

Thanks, Joanne, for the nice description.  I wish I could feel your bear.  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to have one of your bears.

minkbears Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
Lakewood CA
Posts: 1,387

Amazing! What a beautiful little bear cub  bear_wub
:clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:
~ Kathy

donatel Berlin
Posts: 637

Amasing bear! Like him!

Boogaloo Bears Boogaloo Bears
united kingdom
Posts: 1,096

Absolutely gorgeous, well done you!  bear_wub


Lisa x

suejennings TeddyBuys
Posts: 1,154

She is wonderful.  I love the colouring on her face.  Just like Faith when she was little!

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

Thank you so much for you comments. 

Sue it was Hope's picture I had in front of me when coloring her face.  Her and Faith looked so much alike as babies.  Hope has changed the was I make bears.  I love her.


HeidiBears florida
Posts: 321

such an impressive cub! she looks so alive   bear_grin , love her sweet little face ... you have done an amazing job!! :clap:  :dance:

Jan Nethercutt YesterYear Design
Posts: 536

You just keep getting better and better.  Alpine looks so real that I'm sure if you listened closely, you could hear his heart beat.  You are so talented.  Hugs, Jan

tcfolk TC Folk Originals
Tempe, AZ
Posts: 1,553

Hi Joanne, I said this to you about Oatman, but once again, you have outdone yourself!!

valewoodbears Valewood Bears
Posts: 6,537

I adore this bear Joanne  bear_wub  bear_wub


Melisa Nichols Melisa's Bears
Hazelton, BC
Posts: 5,811

I can't really add anything, but I just had to say how beautiful this bear is!  Stunning!  bear_wub  bear_wub  bear_wub  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

avateddy Posts: 1,361

This bear is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

Thank you so much all for the comments. I love them all.


JO BEARS jo bears
Posts: 864

So tender looking -you just have to pick up to hold and cuddle!

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