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Karon Posts: 751

My bear to the patient Lyn is now on her way to Australia.

To my knowledge - and please DO correct me if I'm wrong - we are waiting on:

Ariane and Partner.
Janice Marie
Teacup Bears
and also:
Susan and Amber.

Anyone else?


Fallenrose near Cologne
Posts: 478

yes, you're right.... my Partner and I aren't finished with our swaps yet.. *cough*
I've had very much to do in the last month and my nearly finished bear has sat on my table for a good amount of time now... to be honnest, I totally forgot about it - but I haven't heard back from my partner yet, so now that you reminded me of it, I'll write an email to her


eta: I sent an email to her, but haven't heard back yet... will wait for what happens^^

Lyn Parker Bears
Posts: 114

That's right this end . I have my bear finished but am waiting to hear from Janice Marie.
I have sent a couple of messages but no reply, hope everything is ok with her.

Lovethosebears Yorkshire
Posts: 1,899

Yes guilty as charged Karon  :redface:   Unfortunately I was really sick during September and suffered quite bad depression with it.  Although I had time off work, I was too low to do anything and I really didn't want to spoil what I have done so far.  I am so very close to finishing, just the mouth, assembly and stuffing of the body to do.  I am so very sorry Sue for being so late bear_sad

suejennings TeddyBuys
Posts: 1,154

Don't worry, Ali.  Your health is the most important thing!   

Take care



Clarebear Fulrfun Bears
Alice Springs
Posts: 503

I too am guilty but I have been in touch with my swap partner and we both agreed to put it off for a while, stay in touch and do them at a later time.  My partner if you need to know is Teacup Bears.

susiray Bear-Hands
Algarve, Portugal
Posts: 482

Yipeeeee my bear Luna from Amber arrived today, she is totaly lovely and. has pride of place on my workbench. with me. i will post a pic very soon to show her off.
a big thankyou to Amber and to you Karon for arranging the swap.

BFB-Lyn Brimbin Forest Bears
NSW, Australia
Posts: 3,117

bear_grin Well here she is the one and only "Truly Scrumptious"  alias the old tart   :clap:  :clap: She arrived safely this week and a lovely old girl she is too  bear_grin  Beautifully done Karon even if she did give you a hard time but it was worth it in the end because she has ended up joining the rest of the gang in the bear room  bear_original

amber Honey Valley Bears
Posts: 210

Hi Karon

Susie and I both sent our bears off on the same day.  Luna has arrived safely with Susie, which I'm thrilled to hear.  And I'm sure my bear from Susie is almost here if not here already.  Work was crazy and we didn't get to sort the mail bag out today.  Which I've got to admit was hard, because I was thinking about the bears today and hoping that Luna would arrive with Susie soon and wondering if my poor little bear was being left alone in the dark mail bag sitting a few feet away.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow.  Can hardly wait.


Karon Posts: 751

Hi Lyn

What a fabulous photo of the "old tart".

Hi Amber, send me a PM - would love to catch up with you.

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