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wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

Desiree-263x350.jpgThis is Desiree.  She came from my favorite place to adopt bears, the thrift store.  She definitely looks different and I'm kind of curious.  Unfortunately someone glued her dress on her and I wish I could take it off.  We both hate it, but I love my bear.

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

It's hard to tell, but she does have a hand-made look about her.

Weird that her dress is glued on, but what's a bear to do?


enchantmentsart Feather Heart Creations
Posts: 419

Looks manufactured bear too me. I have a few that look like this, some are made by American Bears others are bears people have bought at craft stores & made hand made items like clothing to go with them. So I bet the dress is artist made.

wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

Aw, I don't like the texture of the dress.  I wish I could get it off her.  BTW, I don't think I've ever seen a bear at craft stores.

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

Yes I think that might be what she is.  They sell them at Michaels.  You can buy them and buy clothes there too or make your own.  She looks like she is wearing handmade. That is a shame about the glue.


ps  I can't find your address, could you send it to me again?


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