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Karon Posts: 751

I am beginning to wonder if it was just Adam and myself who went to Hugglets last Sunday!

No comments?

No vendors saying how well they did (or didn't).

No collectors crowing over their purchases.

No TT'ers LUSTING over the puchases of others. :crackup:


What did we think of England's major Teddy event!!!!!!!!!

threadteds ThReAdTeDs®
Posts: 350

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We enjoyed Hugglets very much. And so many visitors, we were busy from start to finish  bear_original 
Several of my bears did find new homes. Yes, we were very pleased!


suejennings TeddyBuys
Posts: 1,154

We had a great day at Hugglets.  The halls were packed with eager collectors and there were thousands of fabulous bears there looking for new homes.  I was lucky enough to get  a last minute offer of a table.  Although very busy, I managed to have a look around the show later in the afternoon, and to say hi to a few friends...and to meet a few artists I hadn't met before. I love the international feel of the show with artists from right across the globe.  I was opposite a lovely Japanese artist called Mika Fujita.  She had the most wonderful realistic bears with her.  Hugglets is such an exciting show.  I can't wait for the next show in September! 



Natascha LeftyBears by Natascha Sabo
Posts: 314

I can only confirm what the others said, I was there as an exhibitor and it was just great.
Fo me, it was the best show ever: After only 5 minutes I was nearly sold out!

The Rabbit Maker The Rabbit Maker
Posts: 677

It was a great show with lots of visitors. I sold most of my rabbits, mostly to new customers and I also sold a sculpture piece. So all in all I felt it went very well.

I have just about recovered. I always find that after a show, the weeks of preparation seem to catch up with you, I'm always shattered after the show.

You'll have to tell us what you thought of the show too karon. Did you purchase anything ?

New Avenue Crew New Avenue Crew by Debora Hoffmann
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Posts: 1,959

Thank you for posting about the show, everyone. Would LOVE to see photos if you have any. I hope to someday exhibit at Hugglets, even though I live across the Pond. It would be such fun!

Karon Posts: 751

I bought some fabric and a kit at Berta's stand - can wait to make my little bear.

Berta's fabric kits are very cute - my bear ornament for Pat Hage was made with one of her patterns.

I thought it was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A good turn out. Roll on September!

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